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[ When you wake up, you're a little boy inside a big and luxurious room. Obviously, you hit jackpot and are dreaming about a privileged boy's little life. You're excited too and the reason for that is something you realize shortly.

It's your birthday.

The maid that comes into the room greets you, too, which makes you even happier. She also notifies you that your relatives will arrive shortly to have your birthday Score read. From here, you have several options until the guests arrive for your party and Score reading:

> Check out your brand new awesome mansion.
> Read books.
> Or do whatever you want!




Time passes as you do what you want.

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[ The dreams had become less intense sometime during the week and Guy was actually getting to a point where it didn't bother him anymore. Except for tonight. Tonight, those dreams just had to poke at a sore spot. Marybell. Luke. All those vengeful plans he had had as a young kid with Vandesdelca. In the dreams he had tonight, he'd succeeded and stood over Luke's bloody corpse. That image, with the addition of Mary watching over his "triumph" with pride, had been more disturbing than anything he had seen in the month so far. Upon waking up afterwards, he'd taken his sword and scabbard and then headed to the Training Center to blow off some steam.

And now, he laid under a tree: eyes closed, but alert. After all, he could be attacked any moment. ]
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[There was an open bag of sugar, about six lemons that were squeezed and juiced, a pitcher filled with ice and lemonade on a table (who knows where he got it from), and a stunning red head humming while stirring the lemonade drink with a long spoon and reading his text book for his Information Technology class. Hurray for multitasking!

He was...actually doing well in that class! If only his other classes got the same attention.

There were some pre-filled cups on the table as well, and a sign that said 'FREE LEMONADE'. He may not be good at making tea, but he will make some excellent lemonade!]

(ooc: Grell's in the quad, giving out lemonade. Better than coffee.)
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Hey, I was wondering if there were any clubs for tinkering with machines around here. I didn't ask sooner but I guess it's better late than never.

We have what you call "fon machines" back home but they're run a bit differently than the ones around here. I'd sure like to compare my knowledge of them with what you guys have around here.

-- Guy Cecil
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[ Enter Guy in his first day at Balamb Garden, admiring the amazing architecture in the middle of the hallway with some measure of... oh, he looked like a country bum. Let's put it that way. He didn't mind though; the whole of Balamb Garden's structure reminded him of Yulia City and it was just exciting to think about what kind of machinery powered or helped in the creation of such a thing. It made being misplaced in a whole new world a bit tolerable... Alright, better. He'd heard from the people who guided him through the whole thing too that Balamb Garden could fly. Fly.

A Tartarus- no, it was something almost as big as a huge town and it could fly-

Okay, enough wandering in thoughts. Guy looks down at the piece of paper in his hand to check where he was supposed to go. Room A104... then he'll have to prepare for school tomorrow. ]

Guess, I'll go there first...

[ He looks around and to look for where the dorms are located.... ]


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