Sep. 20th, 2011 02:59 pm
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[Renge can be found going various parts of the school, from the Quad to the cafeteria and even to various classes if your lucky. With her she carries some paper and a pen with which to keep notes for something. Stopping at each stop she writes something down before moving on, a smile placed firmly on her face for the meantime.

She soon turned the paper over, jotting down more notes before she stops and finally sits down, she was sorting a good few things out and a lady such as herself didn't have enough time to do everything herself. She had wanted to be able to put in high powered motors, or at least try again, but so far she never had the luck, but it didn't mean she couldn't keep trying.

For now though she smiled, standing up as she started to make her way to the library, the smile on her face.]

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Seriously?! I thought we were done with this Time Compression stuff! Well, the letter said the scientists are tryin' to find a way to send us all back, so I guess I'm not gonna be stuck here forever. I can go right back to where I left off, right?

So, what's different in the future? Do we have any cool new technology, like those tunnels and hovering platforms in Esthar? Or maybe TELEPORTERS?! Is Squall still the commander? Oh man, all my friends are gonna be so OLD, and I'm still just 17! That's gonna be so weird. Hey! Is there some kind of future-me runnin' around here?! After 20 years of missions and training, I bet I'm AWESOME!!

And oh! That letter said something about, uh... off-worlders? Like ALIENS?!! That's so cool! What kind of powers do they have? I wanna meet one!!!

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hey everyone!!

i know you guys heard about the beach right?? :O so whos going? it'll be a great chance for everyone to relax after finals and everything. it should be fun!

oh but i was wondering what kind of things do you need to bring to the beach? is there anything i need to get? we didnt really have a beach back home and the only time i went to one i was only taking a walk!! so if anyone could help that would be great ok? :D

everyone is coming right??? please please please come!! or else! >:)

- vanille

Action for the Library, after making the post. )
( ooc: Dated before the beach party..! )


Aug. 28th, 2011 06:03 pm
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I have returned!

I was a little later than I hoped, but a girl had to make a stop on her way back. As for all the new Cadets that I haven't met yet, I'm Renge Houshakuji and from today I'll be teaching all of you Speech & Conduct. I even have the outfit picked out for when I teach my very first class so you better like it.

I am curious though as to what has happened during my absence? Did I miss anything good?


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