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Not very certain about most students, but I'm certainly looking forward to this! These kinds of events are great ways to unwind from being holed up behind towers of books! Already there are mid terms floating around...Good luck to those who have to take them!

Now for a shameless advertisement:

The Garden Festival Committee is always looking for more members! We hold meetings from time to time, but hopefully we can establish a time and day each week for them. The GFC (for short) helps bring fun activities to the Garden that bring out teamwork while bringing a smile to any face we can reach! Past events included a Welcoming Ball and Field Day, just to name a few!

Now, with the Masquerade Ball coming up, we're in need of helping hands to make this event the best yet! We always strive to create events better than the year before. (Okay, so I've been here only half a year or so, but my heart is in the right place!)

Have an idea you want to bring up? A question that needs an answer? Need help to create that perfect costume (and win that prize)? Want to show off your artistic skills at the ball? Or just want to join and have some fun? Then don't hesitate! Come talk to any GFC member and we'll be happy to help!

Come be a part of something wonderful today!

As Selphie would say: Booyaka.
Garden Festival Committee Co-Leader
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[It's 1345. Fifteen minutes until the afternoon classes begin. It's still early and he doesn't expect any of the cadets to show up until five to. But by now, they should all be used to the strict schedule Garden adheres to and are just finishing their lunch in the Cafeteria. Squall's in one of the 2F classrooms. There are eight types of gunblades still in their leather and metal carrying cases with the lids down laid out over long tables that stretch out just in front of the main teacher's desk.

Once the cadets start coming in, if any, he'll open their cases and begin the class.

For now he's standing off to the side, arms crossed over his chest and lost in thought, dressed in his Commander's jacket. Outside it's not the best of afternoons for a Friday; gray, cloudy, the weather not sure if it wants to rain or storm.

Oddly enough, he isn't expecting many to show interest. But there's still fifteen minutes!

[OOC; Hey there, October 1st! Cadets who are signed up or attending his INTRO TO GUNBLADES afternoon class have permission to miss out on their courses for that afternoon. How we're going to do this can be up to you; if you want to have your character talk with Squall just one-on-one, then let me know and mark it in your subject. If you want to do it party style and allow other cadets to join and threadjack, go for it! I'll be throwing him around everywhere in here so - lessgooooooo]


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