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[Over the course of her life, Gwendolyn has learned to count her blessings. For instance, at least this time she wasn't caught flying outside when the Garden crash-landed. Better still, she also didn't have to fly back to Garden, which means she's fresh and capable of engaging in more than a few rounds of combat in the event of a fiend invasion.

You know, such as the one currently taking place.

Fortunately, there are more than enough SeeDs and cadets running around to keep anyone from being overwhelmed. Just to be safe, Gwendolyn is gliding around, dive-bombing any beast that decides on ambushing an already occupied ally - a confused foe is an easily dispatched one, after all - and lending a hand to anyone who might need it.

If she has one regret for today, it's that no one's probably recording that fight she glimpsed between two Blue Dragons and a T-Rexaur. Ah well...]
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[The Ragnarok has just landed at the foot of the Vienne mountains; Cadets have been ordered by the instructor to unload the equipment from the airship. Once everything that's needed is out of the hanger an all the cadets on the trip are accounted for, the Instructor advises students to get their gear ready and go at their own pace; there's an assistant instructor who will be leading the climb, while another will be at the end.

Students are free to climb within the designated range of the mountains; they're also all issued walkie talkies to communicate to one another should they get lost. Otherwise, it's free for all! Enjoy the field trip.]

[Mod note: The Rock Climbing field trip, forward-dated so that people can tag in at their leisure. Be sure to be on the lookout for some surprises which may pop up at random, and have fun!]
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[It's the Career Expo! Headmaster Cid thought it would be a good idea to let cadets have a chance to explore the different specializations provided by Garden. In the Quad, there are booths set up for each specialization. SeeD are manning each of the booths, and they all have little pamphlets and brochures regarding the specialization as well as little freebies such as lame awesome office supplies (think post-it notes, laser pointers, stress balls, frizzbies.) There's also a cotton candy and popcorn machine, just for the cool factor.

Come forth and explore the specializations, cadets!]

[Mod note: Subthreads have all been posted! Cadets are free to mingle around with each other or inquire NPC SeeDs about the specializations. Players are also welcome to create their own subthreads for general interaction in the Quad. Have fun!]
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[For the first time since his arrival, Ryu had departed from the Garden.  His destination?  Balamb Town.  Between classes, he had done plenty of reading.  What species of fish are native to the area, where the town is, things to do or examine, so on and so forth.  Now he was ready to relax after so many weeks of classes.  He looked up to the sky with a smile.  Not a cloud in the sky, and not too hot, either.  He couldn't ask for better conditions.]

I wonder if I can pick up some vinegar while I'm here...  Maybe horseradish, too.  If they even have those ingredients.

[Well, as much as he wanted to make shisu for some of his new friends, it took a back seat in his mind once the coast came into view.  His grin couldn't get any bigger at this point, and the sight just made him move faster.]
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[It's just a short way into to the training centre, and Rita is taking out some stress on some Grats...]

O disturbing power now unleashed, mete thy judgement upon the evil before me! Violent Pain!

[OVERKILL, OVERKILL!! This dark element single-target spell is huge, extending dark beams from the ground and plunging them back down into the Grat.]

O mother praised for her indigo light, break apart and raise thy clear new voice! Aqua Laser!

[This time, a line of water-element magic shoots across the ground. Those poor Grats surely don't deserve these advanced artes...? What, is Fireball not enough?]
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[For the most part, Oswald is certain that he has left the bleak realm of the netherworld behind. Whatever else this place is, it certainly doesn't seem like a punishment.

There are, however, days where that belief is put to the test. Such as days where he finds himself shoved onto a ball floor for dancing lessons.

It's bad enough that he has to discard his armor and his sword for the flimsy cloth uniforms they insist on. But the fact that he's expected to partner up with someone and learn how to dance with her...It's something of a relief when the instructor has them line up today, instead of immediately stumbling over their feet in an attempt not to fall down or step on people beginning dance practice.]
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[It's lunch time in the cafeteria and Akiela is currently sitting by her lonesome at a table with several books sprawled across the surface.  Clearly, classes have hit her hard.

Very hard.  She's practically slumped over the table in a dead faint.  You might even think she's sleeping... if it weren't for the tiny fact that she seems to be talking to herself.]

... inally I need you morons and you're not around.  You know what this reminds me of?  That one time we were in Ballista and Refie and Drazen decided it'd be hilarious not to pull through with the pincer attack.  That was a saaaad day for San d'Oria.  [A sigh.]  I still think Meryl should have made you guys pay for our infirmary fees...

[Come talk to the possibly snapped Elvaan?]


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