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Apparently, my sister, Instructor Argotera, has been here for some time and no one bothered to tell me. That being said, I feel it is my duty as her brother to warn the Garden. Do not attempt to flirt, hit on, or pick up my twin. It will be painful for you should you attempt to do so. This is not a threat, simply a warning because my sister has quite a temper and a wicked sense of humor.

I should also warn that my younger brother, Cadet Zagreus, has arrived. I claim no responsibility for his actions, and please do not expect either myself or Artemis to handle him.

Family reunions and public service announcements aside, are there really so few artists in the Garden?

--Instructor Cynthius

[When that's all said and done, Apollo can be found in the TC, having a little archery practice. With Artemis here, he's compelled to practice more. Can't let Sis outshoot him]
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You know, if Geri were here, she'd make sure we signed up for all the classes.

If she's here, I'm in trouble.

Guys, it's Mel B. Anyone here know me?
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[Dionysus hadn't been sure what to make of all this at first, but after spending some time getting acquainted with his surroundings, Yep. This is something else. One would think that being pulled away from his usual habitat would cause distress, but Di was completely at ease, wandering without care. Perhaps the drink he sipped from a dark purple travel mug had something to do with it. Or perhaps he was pleased by a change in scenery. The god does like to travel.]

[One of the first things he noticed was a certain name on the list of instructors. Asking Dionysus to attend classes was already amusing. This was on a whole other level. He would be no teacher's pet. In fact, he hopes the radient blond gets the message he left for him soon. Not easy to track someone down when they're never in the office.]

[In the meantime, have a curly-haired young man wandering about. He's not seeking people out to talk, but he looks approachable~]


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