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[ Sitting right in front of the Dollet Hotel, William could be seen sketching out a map of the new city. His brows are furrowed as he added in fine details to the picture, the charcoal from the pencil smudging his fingers.]

day 1.

Jun. 22nd, 2010 03:50 pm
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[ if anyone's passing by the Garden's library, they might catch Riku coming out with a few--uh, well, few is an understatement--books underneath his right arm, and a few in a canvas bag. he's a hard studier, especially during the first few weeks. he's starting to walk back to his dorm, before--


his tote rips open. ... aww shoot. he sets his other books on a nearby bench and goes about picking the ones that fell up, readjusting his black scarf around his neck so no one steps on it as they pass by. ]
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[ Enter Guy in his first day at Balamb Garden, admiring the amazing architecture in the middle of the hallway with some measure of... oh, he looked like a country bum. Let's put it that way. He didn't mind though; the whole of Balamb Garden's structure reminded him of Yulia City and it was just exciting to think about what kind of machinery powered or helped in the creation of such a thing. It made being misplaced in a whole new world a bit tolerable... Alright, better. He'd heard from the people who guided him through the whole thing too that Balamb Garden could fly. Fly.

A Tartarus- no, it was something almost as big as a huge town and it could fly-

Okay, enough wandering in thoughts. Guy looks down at the piece of paper in his hand to check where he was supposed to go. Room A104... then he'll have to prepare for school tomorrow. ]

Guess, I'll go there first...

[ He looks around and to look for where the dorms are located.... ]


Jun. 16th, 2010 03:47 am
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[ Oh, the Doctor didn't waste any time once he was settled in.He'd have to explore every inch of this place, and if he didn't achieve all of that today, well, he'd skip some classes. (Except not.) He still couldn't believe that he had to take some classes--did they still lecture? It'd been ages since he'd been in a classroom. In a real, proper classroom, as a student. What was it, ohh... 800 years? About. Yes, about. The last time he had been in a classroom as a teacher, that'd been... with Rose, as his tenth incarnation. Amazing, that was, how time flies. The Doctor walked around the Garden, looking at the faces of students as they passed by.

Yes, yes, he already looked like a professor. He was well aware.

Oh--and he'd have to resort to calling himself John Smith again. Oh, that was annoying. John Smith, John Smith, John Smith--sometimes, he wondered, if he should pick another ambiguous name. Dr. John Smith, maybe he could trade it in. ]

Nooo, what if I forget? That wouldn't do.

[ he muttered to himself, before quickening his steps, hands shoved into his tweed jacket. ]

Well, best to learn the territory before I make any rash decisions--wait. [ was choosing to be a teacher a rash decision? ... probably. ] Probably... too late. Maybe.


Jun. 12th, 2010 06:34 pm
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[After a day of training, Link makes his way to the Quad. He's gotten fairly acclimated to the change of scenery, at least as much as one can when everyone else speaks gibberish without the aid of a translator. That and of course, the gawks he gets from having pointed ears.

It's not all too strange, so he picks a quiet spot and plucks a little plant that looks somewhat like something back home.

He looks it over for a moment or two, then presses it to his lips and manages to produce a melody with it]


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