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A: The Library

[There is a certain corner of the library where books are piled high on a table. Reminiscent of a childlike fort, dark colored hair can be seen just over the top of them. Jackson is sitting at the table with his nose in a book.The title "A Guide of Galbaldian Monsters" is engraved in gold on the front. Eagerly he scans the pages , making notes every few lines or so.  This is something familiar to him. More than anything else , Jackson needed familiar after being swept for home.]

Gosh they treat monsters lousy here...

B: The Quad

[The throbbing sound of an electric guitar can be heard throughout Balamb Garden. It could be described as well played. The musician diffidently knows his notes, but the sheer volume of the racket is enough to make one's ears bleed. If the ear-splitting sound is followed you will find Holt Hyde on the other end.  He is rocking out the quad , much to the displeasure of many of the cadets. To go along with his odd appearance and bright orange guitar , Hyde is jumping around like his life depends on it. If its bothering you you'll have to take it up with the blue guy playing it.]

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[Looks like there's a new face in the garden, specifically standing around in the lobby with her arms crossed and in a huff. Though it supposedly doesn't give much effect to make people take her seriously, considering she's no older than eight.]

And just when I thought things like this were over. [She mumbled to herself in a sigh. Yeah, it was one thing that it was at least told beforehand and she was ensured to come back to her homeworld at the first. But this time, she wasn't in the human world and the way of coming back was still a mystery to the people of the garden.

Doesn't mean she still can't try to ask around.

Hey, uh, excuse me!
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Scenario A: LATE AT NIGHT, anywhere

[Anywhere people go this evening - whether it's the Training Center, the Library, or even the Quad - there's the distinct sound of heavy, clunky footsteps. It even seems to sound like said footsteps're stalking whoever happens to be out at this hour...

And oddly enough, those footsteps leave marks in the grass (and annoyingly enough, everywhere else).

Of course, Robin's also patrolling the grounds as the new head of the Disciplinary Committee---and he doesn't take kindly to people being out at this hour. No matter where you might go on campus, he - or those pesky footsteps (or both?!) - will follow.]

Scenario B: Cafeteria, the following morning

[Damian looks half-dead. As to be expected from a vigilante with an active nightlife, he rarely gets sleep (especially if he wants to finish his homework), but... something seems different about this. After all, even he should normally recognize that he's pouring orange juice into his bowl of cereal... which actually isn't even cereal, but pretzel goldfish.

Yet he's so out of it that he doesn't even realize his bowl's overflowing. Nor does he realize that he should probably want to snap out of it soon, or else he'll start creating giant orange-juice puddles all over the Cafeteria.]

Scenario C: Outside the Anatomy Classroom

[If one passes by the Anatomy classroom later in the day, one'd also notice a particularly large crowd buzzing around it. Damian's no exception to this, so even he has to wander over - and jump above the crowd! - just to see what all the fuss's about.

Judging by their impatient and shocked reactions... and that giant pumpkin on a stick in place of their usual skeletons... it's not hard to guess what happened. Someone, in the middle of the night, had replaced their beloved props with less-than-stellar duds. Day sighs, turns on his heels, and nearly brushes past someone on his way out.]

Tch,, you'd think someone died from the way they were acting.

[ooc | And this kicks off the player plot!! Feel free to have other posts assume that the Garden's Halloween decorations are still in place/in the process of being made/etc. ♥ Have fun, y'all.]

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bbs |

As much as I'd like to say it's nice to meet you all and how nice it is to be here
I'm afraid that's not really the case
Even if this place is really interesting
I was kind of about to be in the middle of something really important
Still I figured I should introduce myself since it's looking like I'm going to be here a while!
So hello
My name is Aradia Megido
I'm sure there's a lot I can learn from all of you!


[Aradia can be found making her way through the buildings and around the outside of them, mapping them into her memory instead of relying on the map she was handed. If anyone spots her from far off, she won't seem too different from any other Aradia, despite her clothes- until you get close enough to see the kabuki-like makeup on her face and the indigo symbol on the front of her shirt. Occasionally, she'll stop in at a terminal to check up on her BBS post, but otherwise, she'll just be making her way through as much of the place as she can.

She's really quite pleasant- charming and friendly even, if you choose to talk to her- watch out though, you might get stuck answering questions about the Garden if you're not careful.]


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