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[ Danny is flying around looking down at the letter that he had received just a few moments ago. Okay so... by some work of some powerful sorceress he's been brought here to be in this military school as a cadet? It sounds sort of like one of those dreams that are really actually nightmares. Except you can't wake up from it. And the things about powers. Okay, maybe he should be flying around--


Okay where did this tree come from.

He collides right into the tree, falls down a few branches, and eventually hits the ground. On his face. Okay. If he wasn't half-ghost that could have reaaally hurt. Moreso than it did. ]

[ BBS ]

Can anyone here explain this place? At all?
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[1) Action: Marco can be found wandering about the Garden's open areas, whistling to birds, and perhaps more astonishingly, having them whistle back or come land on his shoulders or pineapple looking head.

2) Later the following BBS post pops up:]

Heading out on the honeymoon soon, before anything else can pop up to drag my new wife or I away. So I need someone to help with a few loose ends while we're gone. Souvenirs &/or babysitting gil can be rewarded upon request. Can SeeDs field out smaller jobs? I should know this by now... well if we can, count this as that, but you'll have to be very trustworthy. Let me know if you're interested!

-- Marco, SeeD Rank

[Option 3, you can get Marco while he's packing.]
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[Kirby definitely has no idea where he is or how he got here. However, the fact that he is in an unfamiliar location doesn't really bother him. What really is making him upset is that his strawberry shortcake is no longer in front of him. That scrumptious little food of sugary goodness... it always goes missing like this.

So, Kirby is in the lobby right now, searching for his cake because that's the most important thing. Clearly. He's also holding the letter that all people receive upon their arrival, but since he can't read, Kirby is just lugging it around. After wandering around a bit, he may walk up to you and ask one simple question.]

Have you seen my cake? The flavor is strawberry and it's really good!


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