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[After his encounter with Vegeta, Trunks went to the nearest terminal and worked out a brief message.]

I'm sure most of you have noticed the influx of new people by now. It doesn't seem normal, even for around here. Is it just time compression messing with things again?

Bulla...Rinoa too, probably. There's something I need to talk to you about.

- Trunks
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[In the quad, Rinoa sits under her usual tree. It's probably a rather peculiar sight as on one side of her there is Angelo, on the other side there's a young cat, and in her lap there's a little plush lion. Despite all this anyone who knows her will realize that she's absolutely miserable. Though to be fair those who don't know her will too as it's written all over her face. Which is a crime when surrounded by such cute things, but honestly she can't help it.]

I should probably know better by now, right Angelo?

[The poor dog just sighs and rests her head on Rinoa's knee with a long suffering look in her eyes. It always seems to bother Angelo when Rinoa gets all moody like this. Jules, the cat, just seems miffed that her purring isn't enough to cheer Rinoa up, and every now and then her tail lashes out crankily. Not being able to help sucks.]

Don't worry girl, it will be different next time. [She pauses and then adds softly.] If there is a next time.
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[This was the second time she had arrived in the not-so-distant future, wasn't it? The second time she found herself at a future Garden, the second time she had received the letter. At the very least, she was better prepared this time, and knew what to expect... possibly.

Well, in any case, anyone who knows Ellone, or might be stopping by the Infirmary, might find her there today, given her position as one of Kadowaki's assistants. Later on, before curfew, she can be found in the library, looking over some books, perhaps to find something of interest to read.]
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[Garden doesn't exist in Raine's time. It hadn't even been thought of yet. Perhaps that's why she's so fascinated over everything right now. But that means it's easy enough to get lost, too, since she's new here. Raine is currently wandering hallways and areas in the school. The quad, the library, the cafeteria... She'll eventually find her way to all of it.

So why not say hello to Mrs. Loire?]


Sep. 1st, 2011 02:27 am
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[She'd read the note a few times by now, but it still didn't make an entire lot of sense. Ultimecia was supposed to be gone, right? So why did the note mention Time Compression, among other things? It was a little odd to be hearing about all of this happening again, really, but, well...

Well, the letter had also said to talk to Cid or a SeeD if she had any questions, so she'd do that later. For now, though, Ellone is content with walking around Fisherman's Horizon, to see what's changed.]


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