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May. 25th, 2010 02:53 pm
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[ The library's nice and quiet. Good place to go and clear one's head. Or alternatively, a good place to catch up on all the homework he's behind on. He's found a desk near a window, and the desk is littered with notes and open textbooks. Recipes. Odd class topic.

And English is tough, sheesh. Not speaking it, he's got that covered, but writing it's another story. Trying to remember where proper punctuation goes, spelling oh man spelling. Like this word right here. The one in his text book that he's been staring at for the past ten minutes just trying to figure out how to pronounce. What the heck is cay-- ... cay-enne? ]
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[ Mondays.

She'd never liked them before and she sure wasn't a fan of them now. Especially now, trudging toward the Cafeteria, hair still damp and sticky from her hasty after-class shower and a small ache behind her dry, stinging eyes. Perhaps some chlorine had gotten in. There was something deadening about Mondays, stifling, and as used as Cissnei had been to stifling-- rules, clothing, lifestyle-- this was different. She'd never had a pile of homework on her mind, for one thing. It left a bitter aftertaste in her mouth, salty and irritating.

Or maybe that was the dry, unappetizing fish sandwich she was halfheartedly chewing on her way. Giving it a betrayed glance (she'd packed it with some care that morning, to avoid the very trip she was making now), Cissnei slipped it back into the plastic packet whence it had come, and shoved it back into her knapsack as she entered the Cafetaria and strolled to the buffet line, grimacing. ]

Should've put more mayo.

( ooc; late intro is late forever. /fails, etc. )

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May. 10th, 2010 11:38 pm
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[ His timing seems to be as great as ever. The hallways are pretty empty this late in the evening, and he can faintly hear music and a lot of voices on the next floor. Probably crowded. Best to avoid for now. ]

"A", one-two-five. Has to be around here somewhere ...

[ His footsteps are slow, shuffled. He keeps glancing around, a few books in one arm as he tries to locate the room he was assigned to. It's an awfully big building, and it's not like his sense of direction was ever functioning properly. ]


Maybe I passed it already.


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