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[ Lyon didn't mind the trips from the Fisherman's Horizon to the Garden, but it was kind of starting to get a little annoying. His roommate doesn't seem to like him, no surprise, and now he had to take classes for stuff he already learned. He was already a skilled Ice Mage and hand-to-hand combat. What else was there? Upon reaching the cafeteria, he looked around and watched as people chatted and walked around, eatting the meals that were served today. ]

This is what I'm living in, Ur....

[ It was more of a whisper to himself, as he walked back out of the cafeteria with just a drink as he walked towards the library. Upon getting there, he threw his empty bottle away and walked in as he looked around. Walking over to a seat, he began to do the work for his classes. He was still considered new, since he has just arrived possibly a week or two ago.]


[ Who would have thought the library was this quiet as he looked over his books at the very little students around. He would occasionally look at the clock to know what the time was in order to had back to his dorm. He had nothing better to do, so he decided to take his time with the work, finding no rush for it. ]


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