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Looks like this place is full of things to do, but haven’t heard much about a night-life, yet.

You know what I mean. The drinks, the po, the excitement.

Don’t tell me everyone here just goes to school like they’re told.

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( Nederland can be found skulking around in various places. You may find him staring blandly at you in the hallway, or lying on his back outside, staring at the sky. He’s walking around, making his rounds, getting a feel of the place. He doesn’t approach anyone first, though. )
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[Shadow is walking around Garden, trying to lose track of the kittens that are constantly following him at his feet. They were Maria's, and with her gone, he doesn't want to keep them. At all. The kittens feel otherwise.

So much scowling going on.

The kittens sometimes get distracted and trip over their own paws, but do a damn good job of keeping up.]
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[It had been way too long since Cissie had last stepped in here. Between classes and her recovering from her subsequent mental breakdown, it just hadn't been worth the effort! Plus, she hadn't even been trained in this world's "proper" weapons. Apparently, the very idea of using arrows and a bow in battle was old-fashioned? And she needed to upgrade to a Blaster Edge?

It'd taken Cissie a while to wrap her head around that notion, so she'd borrowed a Blaster Edge (and a manual!) from the WTR classroom and created a make-shift target range in a corner of the Center.

Although she's not very good at using a Blaster Edge, one's gotta give her points for trying. Just incase, she's kept her bow and arrows nearby. Training so far looks pretty good---

Except she aimed a little too far and shot a nearby (and ridiculously tall and thick) tree with her Blaster Edge. Multiple times. Cissie groans, watching the tree topple over before the Blaster Edge's projectile returns to her.]
Maybe I should give this thing a rest for today.
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[at least the letter was fairly self-explanatory. If you could call that self-explanatory. whatever. At this present moment, you can find Germany wandering around. Well, not like he's lost but let's say like he's just trying to get the lay of the land. Learn his way around.

Okay, and yeah, he's lost.

Anyway feel free to run into him wherever is convenient! If your character is doing anything really unapt of a cadet feel free to assume you're being judged. A little. Maybe a lot. Your discretion.]

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So this is some kind of mass forum system?


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