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Dear tall human beast-things,

I require your DNA. It's for, eh, homework. Do not bother resisting. According to the "biology" class, you have many sampling methods to choose from.


[derp derp, Espio's supposed to be unconscious]

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You have an unusual manner of addressing people. However, I must ask which instructor has assigned this homework - I do not recall any such assignment during my time as a cadet.

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I see. For which class?

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Then I shall discuss it with one of the biology instructors.

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[This request is reminding him of Kurotsuchi Mayuri. This is never a good thing.]

Explain this homework of yours.

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No, cadet. I do not. Homework varies subject by subject. Explain the details of your assignment and why it would be necessary to procure samples of the student body's DNA.

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It is not a cadet's place to give orders to an instructor, cadet Zim. Explain yourself.

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werepanther: ([tom] is that so?)

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You sure you don't mean the blood-testing lab? Because DNA sampling's a little advanced, even for Garden.

- Instructor Bronson
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It is? Then would you mind showing me how to do it? [He has a legit reason for this: Tom failed the blood-sampling test. Go figure.]
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You've never done anything for the sake of doing it? Man. I'm almost tempted to call your teacher and ask him about this assignment.

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What if it's not completely human?
fierybluebird: [Marco arching an eyebrow leaning on an arm with blue background] (Nurse)

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All right. Where are you taking it, the nurse's?
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Well, how much do you need?

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Come and get some.

[Not literally. It's an invitation to scratch him, something Seifer's confident Zim can't do.]

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I didn't say I'd volunteer.

You're welcome to try and get some from me, however.

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Not a challenge. A threat.

I'd like to see you come anywhere close to me and live.