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case o5 [bbs]

Ya Allah, I'd never thought those monsters'd get back where they belonged. You guys weren't actually half-bad in defeating them, but I guess that's also to be expected. We are a military school.

I never thought I'd be bored enough to ask, but what are you guys doing during the break? I wanna go into town and grab some hot chocolate, but it's too zidgit to go by myself.
[AKA please go with me, I'm too socially awkward to say this outright.] That, or I guess I could practice with those knives Luki gave me.


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If they failed that, I'd be concerned about the state of the Garden. That's easy training.

Go liven up the atmosphere. Hot chocolate is a 5 minute time waster.


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That incapable? I'm disappointed. I suppose you believe you're above them?

[I just learned how to do the font fml ]: Seifer's just gonna troll back anyway, you know it.]


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Call it curiosity. Just making sure you're not all as washed up as they say.

Re: [bbs]

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No one in particular. I just like to know the strengths and weaknesses of everyone here.


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More like a returning cadet. Surprised no one mentioned you to me. Former head of the disciplinary committee?


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Yeah, that was crazy. I've never seen anything like that in my life. You think that'll happen a lot here?

And I could use a break if you wouldn't mind the company.

- Momo

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'Zidgit?' What does that mean?

- Katara

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Oh! That's a pretty interesting word to use. Is it something you made up, or part of another language?

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Hot chocolate? I want some! [He doesn't technically know who posted, but he recognizes that foreign word from their prior conversation.]

- Aang

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[When Aang enters the quad a few minutes later, he spots who he suspected posted on the bbs under a tree. He heads over to him to greet him.]

Hey! What's that?

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Is there still room for one more for the cocoa trip?

[if a lot of people go, then she feels less exposed]