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Case o7 [bbs, action--dormitories]

I thought I wouldn't have to ask this, but my Japanese tutor left Garden months ago so I kinda have no choice. Who here knows Japanese (or another foreign language)? It won't take much time at all--and it's really not that big.

In exchange, I'll teach you zifts some Arabic or Farsi. Whichever appeals to you more.

- Damian

[Later this evening, Damian's headed to the boys' dorms--specifically, to Aang and Ron's room--with a purpose. He's certainly got his hands full with a large box, so he'll be slow in actually reaching the room in the first place.

Passersby, feel free to notice that the box's rather suspicious. Why would the kid (the kid flunking all his weapons classes) be able to lift something so big so easily? And also, kids with boxes just don't end well. Period.

He'll reach Aang's room, all right, but he'll take him forever and a day to get there.]


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[It's past the time that Damian said he would be at Aang's room. So, being bored, he decides to check out the hallway and see if maybe Damian got in trouble with an instructor or something on his way over. And hey, at least he'll get to stretch his legs a bit before a night inside.]

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[Aang eyes the box.] No wonder you're late. I'm ready if you are! [He grins and pats the bag he brought with him.]

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[Aang hurries to open the door, swinging it open wide enough to accommodate for the box.] After you.

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Whoa. [He peers into the emptying box.] It's bigger on the inside!

Yeah, he's still adjusting to this place. But this room is nice!

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Growing up in the Midlands, I was taught every language there was to know. Every major one and most of the minor languages. I've not heard of this language you're speaking of, Japanese, but if you'd like I could assist you with any of the languages I do know.

- Instructor Kahlan Amnell

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Weekends if you wish. Or if on the weekdays, anytime after 1700.

- Instructor Amnell

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1100 on Saturday, yes. That works for me.

Will you come up to my classroom on the 2F?

- Instructor Amell.

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Of course, anytime. I will see you then.

- Instructor Amnell
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Japanese is my first language; I'd be happy to help you with it. But I'm still getting to grips with English, so I don't really want to add another language to get confused with.

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That would be great, thank you!

- Mikuru
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After classes or weekends.

Um... If you don't mind my asking, why were you interested in Japanese?

- Mikuru
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I dunno: I walked into the foreign language class by mistake on my first day and it sounded like something I'd heard on TV at home once.

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