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not de-aged | open to all

[With the sudden change in most of the cadets around Garden, Zuko was one of the lucky few who hadn't lost any years or gained any. He had remained the same sixteen year old teenager that he was, fiery temper, impatience and all.

Days ago the Fire Princess had disappeared.

Zuko thought about asking on the school boards about where his sister had gone to, but by the time he went to write up the post, all of this had happened. Who was going to be able to read the message or know anything if there was no one but brats running around?

He's figured that, by now, Azula's gone off home to the Fire Nation. Just as Sokka and Toph had gone weeks ago. It won't stop him from taking a look around Garden though to see if he can find her.

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[Gwendolyn is another of the "lucky" few to be unaffected by the Time Compression's latest effect... which meant people kept putting her on babysitting duty. So all in all, this hasn't been the best of weeks for her. Thankfully, some of the adults that regressed into teenagers can be made to pitch in.

It's as she's taking a walk during one of her breaks that she runs into Zuko, that one fellow cadet who was with her on the Survival exam (and didn't disappear shortly afterwards). She nods her head in salute.]

Good day, Zuko.

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You seem to be searching for someone. Perhaps I could be of aid?

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She may have. I have not seen her since the infestation, and then only briefly.

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[She's not sure what to add to this. To be honest she only shared a handful of classes with Azula on both semesters and so doesn't exactly know her.]

'Tis better for her to be back in her homeland, perhaps.
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[Now that she's a bit more familiar with Garden, Mikuru is walking around like a woman on a mission.

[Because she is one. She sees Zuko, sees the scar, and leaps to conclusions.]

Um, excuse me!
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[Yes, Zuko definitely looks like someone who would steal a Triple Triad from a poor girl, Mikuru decides.] Do you play Triple Triad?
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[Mikuru somehow manages to completely misread his confusion as defensiveness.]

Have you recently gotten a Buel card?!
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[Visible relief washes over Mikuru's face.]

Okay, good, you're not the person I'm looking for. [She bows.] I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.
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sorry for delay! holiday

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[Her smile is utterly sincere...before it fades into slight panic.]

I'm so sorry! I just accused you on an assumption; that was very rude of me.
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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to add to it... Can we please start over? [A quick introductory bow.] My name's Mikuru Asahina.
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It's nice to meet you, Zuko! Um, did I interrupt you or anything?
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[There's an unaffected werepanther walking around Garden today. Raising an eyebrow at Zuko, Tom folds his arms:] ... Hey, what're you looking for?
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works for me! :>

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What does she look like? [after a moment, he adds:] Sorry, man, but I haven't been in Garden in a while, so I'm a little unfamiliar with the territory.
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... [he slowly shakes his head] Haven't seen anyone like that since I arrived.
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Then I'll look with you. Two heads're always better than one.
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No problem. [holds out a hand] I'm Instructor Bronson; normally, I teach Boxing. But given the current state of Garden... we're all babysitters.
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Nice to meet you! [Man, this is what he hates the most about Instructors; everyone's always so dang formal.] But call me Tom outside of class, okay? I'm not that much older than you.
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Twenty two. [sheepishly shrugs]
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Still not that much older. [grins] Age's a pretty relative number.

How about a Wyndian Princess?

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[Nina turned a corner and noticed the student looking around. He looked like he was in a poor mood, and as an instructor, she felt like it would be her duty to just check on him. Anyway, it was nice to see someone above the age of five.]

Excuse me, are you looking for someone?

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[I don't know, the scar ads character. Maybe he just needs an extremely laid back older male figure in his life? Nina looks the boy over, but he doesn't look like anyone she's met. Siblings usually shared facial features and the unscarred side of Zuko's face was not ringing any bells.]

I don't know that I've seen her. What does she look like?

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[Sadly bossy and manipulative were not exactly something that would offset some people. But she would have remembered someone with Zuko's rather regal carriage. He looked a bit out of his element though. Was kind of cute, poor thing.]

I'm sorry, I haven't seen her. How long has it been since she's been missing?

[If it was long enough, she could call Snow and Katt to go looking with her.]

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[She can hear tension in his voice. He seemed to be struggling with something.]

It's natural to want to look after your siblings. I understand.

[She'd done a horrible job keeping Mina safe, after all]

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[Nina smiles and folds her wings.]

Well, if you'd like help searching her out, or you are lonely, you are more than welcome to talk to me. Okay?

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[They're bigger than she is and black, so if you weren't really looking, you could have missed them.]

I'm Instructor Nina Wyndia alright? You take care.

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[(ooc: It's cool! :D teeny fandom is teeny)

Nina nods politely and walks off. She'll keep her eye out for the young man.