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Mitsuru 009 // See No Fail, Speak No Fail

[This has been a poor start to her day off. Sundays were one of the few, rare, moments where Mitsuru could take her time with waking up. Which, she did enjoy at first. Right up until she stretched and yawned-

Or tried to yawn. That had been when she'd realized that her voice didn't work; almost like all the nerves to it had been cut off, leaving her mute. And then, she was shocked into full wakefulness when she realized that she also couldn't hear or feel Artemisia in the back of her mind.

So, perhaps understandably, Mitsuru is not in the best, or most alert of moods as she steps into the cafeteria for breakfast.]

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[ Talk about a bad day. There was absolutely no comfort in waking up and being unable to see. It felt like there was just this dark cloud in front of his eyes, and while he could feel himself blinking, maybe catching a color or two in his peripheral vision, he was otherwise left completely blind.

...Just what was going on? This place just kept getting weirder and weirder.

He wasn't stupid, though. If there was something blocking his vision, then it was the perfect opportunity to hone his other senses, right?

...Except for the fact he was still having some trouble with it. ]

Oof! [ He bumped into something--no, someone--as he made his way to the cafeteria...or at least that was what the Garden Faculty had said he was heading towards. He had his translator with him, but being unable to see properly, he couldn't adjust a thing. So he was stuck with... ]

...Ah, so-ri!

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[ No response. Well, this made everything incredibly more awkward than it had to be. Or than it already was. Were they just too embarrassed to acknowledge him? Akihiko coughed, turning his head in the direction he...thought the other wasn't. ]

E-...E-kusukyuuzu... [ "Excuse", a difficult word to pronounce well, really. His hand groped for the wall, but instead found a shoulder. He immediately lurched back, instead finding the wall with his own head and shoulder.


Well, this was a good start to the day. ]

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[ He nearly jumped back once again when he felt a hand on his own shoulder, but something about it was calming. The tension in his body dissipated a little. The silence between them was definitely unnerving--but maybe they were just pitying him and his obvious lack of language skills.

He put his hand on the one that touched him, following the fingers down the length of the arm. It was when his own fingers found a lock of hair clinging to the fabric of her shirt that he paused.

He didn't really understand why he knew, but... ]


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[ It was a little awkward, but he honestly didn't know what else to do. He felt her head nod in his palm and he relaxed a little more, glad to know he hadn't just grabbed some stranger (though Mitsuru's execution was nothing to laugh at, either).

The line across his throat, however... ]

Huh? [ What did she mean by that? Cut? Did someone try to--wait...

...she could have easily just-- ]

...You can't speak?

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[It's strange that Rion is even affected by this at all; after all, he's a native from this time, and they don't seem to have been affected. Regardless, he looks really, really jittery, as if he can't stop moving, and when he does it's with an unnatural quickness. Rion's deft, yes, but not that deft.

When he sees Mitsuru, though, he waves, just a bit too quickly, the movement too exaggerated for normal.

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[... well, that's odd. Normally this would be the part where she makes a B| face and goes "Lyon." At least she's got the B| face down (assuming that it is, in fact, a default expression for her. Rion looks up towards her curiously, confused.]

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[Rion gestures to his own lips, and then looks at Mitsuru questioningly. He's seen some of the other people, earlier, with what's going on, but he's not sure why she's just not saying what's wrong.]

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fierybluebird: [Marco arching an eyebrow leaning on an arm with blue background] (Is that so?)

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[Marco is moving at twice his usual speed which makes him look a lot likely a flying blurry pineapple-headed swift. And his talking is just as fast.]

Oh, hey there. I see you're slowed down too, eh.
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[Stares at for a moment and then gets a pad of paper and a pen, and quickly returns.]

So are you just even slower than everyone else or completely unable to talk?
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[Nods rapidly and hands her the pen and paper.]

It's what Rion uses when people can't understand sign language. You should talk to him about maybe learning more of it too.

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[Minato is already in the cafeteria - he might have woken up late on other Sundays, but when all of a sudden all the voices inside his head went silent, he felt the need to be where many people might gather.

Having the volume of his mp3 player so high that the music can be vaguely heard beyond the headphones might be overdoing it, though.

Still, he notices Mitsuru arrive, and so he waves in greeting.]

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[Minato notices that brief look - honestly, he's known Mitsuru long enough to be on the lookout for those all-too-brief cracks on her armor - as well as the possible intent of that look. More importantly, he notices how she's not voicing her concern or her displeasure, which confirms for him which affliction she's got.

He gives his response through sign language - not that well, but it's okay for a beginner.]

'Can't hear Persona'

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[He takes out his own pad - even if he's not all that close to Rion, he's seen him carry it around often enough to bring one out when he woke up silent.]

Yeah. And thanks; I've been practicing.

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