Oct. 10th, 2010

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[When cadets wake up on October 10th, they may feel a bit... strange. Perhaps they can't see? Or they can't utter a single sound? Everything around them seems to be moving particularly slow? Fast? Maybe they feel irrationally angry for waking up. Or maybe they're beyond fatigued but cannot fall back asleep for the life of them. Or they're just really, really confused?

What exactly is going on?]

( Mod note: This begins the Status Effect event. For anyone unfamiliar with it, you can read up on it here! Also, because of the potentially disruptive nature of these effects, classes have been postponed. Have fun. )
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So, uh...

Can someone please tell me what's going on? I mean, I got the letter, and it answered a lot of things, but does anyone know anything more?

[The brown-haired girl is currently looking herself over in obvious shock. No red sparking cheeks, no fur, no twitching yellow ears or tail... and still no memories. And now no partner, either. This.. this has been a strange year or so.]
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[I'll tell you what's going on for Tobias -- screaming. Sharp, horrified, and utterly panicked screaming. Waking up to complete blackness was not something he was keen on doing, and he'd been in darkness from caves enough to know this was not it. Whatever it was, it was affecting his eyes, and that terrified him.

So along with the screaming, he's tripping all over his room, trying to find SOMETHING to help him.]
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[This has been a poor start to her day off. Sundays were one of the few, rare, moments where Mitsuru could take her time with waking up. Which, she did enjoy at first. Right up until she stretched and yawned-

Or tried to yawn. That had been when she'd realized that her voice didn't work; almost like all the nerves to it had been cut off, leaving her mute. And then, she was shocked into full wakefulness when she realized that she also couldn't hear or feel Artemisia in the back of her mind.

So, perhaps understandably, Mitsuru is not in the best, or most alert of moods as she steps into the cafeteria for breakfast.]
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[At 1900 hours on Sunday the 10th, the intercom comes on for a special announcement]

Students and Faculty, this is Headmaster Cid speaking. It seems as though a sudden bout of status effects have hit a handful of our cadets. Despite Dr. Kadowaki's assessments and attempts to cure these ailment with both remedies and Esuna spells, we have not yet found a way to alleviate the symptoms.

Classes will be postponed until further notice to give cadets a break due to the unfortunate circumstances. Until we find a way to reverse these effects, we ask of you all to please remain calm and rest well.

Thank you.

[After the announcement ends, the intercom shuts off.]

(Mod note; Classes will be postponed for the following two weeks. Cadets may rejoice now, but this only means that the end of the quarter will be stretched out another two weeks to make up for it!)
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[ Everyone within a hundred mile radius probably heard the blood curdling scream erupt from Azula's mouth as she quickly realized her eyesight was gone.

She fumbled about in her room, not bothering trying to put on proper clothes and fix her messy hair as she stumbled out and down the hallway in her robe. Surely she would find somebody who would come to her aid-- the Headmaster's little comment wasn't enough to reassure her everything would be alright. Zuko would have to come and check up on her, make sure she was alright-- would he? Would she even cross his mind? She didn't think she could even make it up the stairs and to his room like this. She was useless. Katara certainly wouldn't care, she'd probably think it was funny... maybe Sokka... no, she shut the thought out of her mind.

Azula collapsed on the floor and firepunched the wall in front of her, leaning her forehead against it while she calmed herself down. Going into a rage would not get her anywhere. ]


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