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007 // QUISTIS [action; Week VII, LBT 101]

[Dressed in her SeeD uniform with Save the Queen hooked on her belt, Quistis stands at the entrance of the training center along with the instructor as they wait for the rest of the students to arrive at the designated area for this special class. While Quistis is upholding her usual poise before the students which have shown up, beneath the surface she is admittedly a bit nervous. It's been a while since she's stood in front of a class like this, since she'd acted as an instructor to a sea of cadets. But the opportunity had presented itself when Instructor Aki had asked if she would like to perform a demonstration of her Blue Magic for the Limit Break Theory class, and the young SeeD obliged. A small part of her had been considering reapplying for instructorship, and this seemed like the proper step to take to see if she was making the right choice.

There are several minutes before class begins and they venture deeper into the Training Area. Don't be late!]

[OOC note: This is for Limit Break Theory, Thursday and Friday! Those who are enrolled in these classes are welcomed to make a subthread for their individual time slots and we can work through specific class interactions that way.]
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[Gakupo hadn't expected to be in the training area so early in the morning, but here he was with his other classmates. He wasn't sure if he should junction or bring his sword, so in the end he opts to junction for now. He hopes he wouldn't regret it.

As he approaches, he sees their usual instructor, and a new face he hadn't seen before. Perhaps she was the special guest?]

Good morning. [Best to start off with a proper greeting, and perhaps a salute? still unsure about salutes!]
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Absolutely. [Gives a friendly smile.] If I'm going to be fully immersed in the field of para-magic, then there's little reason to not look forward to it. It's all quite intriguing, actually.

[Because they don't have anything like this in his world!]
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[She looks surprised at his mentioning about para-magic, and that surprises him in turn.] I am, but I'm not sure which field is best. They all appeal to me. Recovery, attack, and indirect magic are hard to choose between.

[Looks to her in wonder, not sure if he should pry or not.]

If you don't mind me asking, are you also in that field, Miss Quistis? [He's pretty sure that's her name from what he remembers.]
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[Nods softly.] Which you've come to demonstrate for us. I'm really looking forward to it. Attack and recovery magic are two I'm deciding on, so this demonstration would help when making a decision later on.


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[Minato makes a beeline from his previous class to the Training Center's entrance. While he hadn't really seen much of Ms. Trepe outside of a few BBS posts, he has heard quite a few rumors from her little fanclub - enough to be interested in her demonstration of Blue Magic.

Not to mention, he finds the notion of copying monster's skills interesting. Back home, the Shadows mostly stuck to using the same skills as the Personae, after all.

He's one of the first there - the very first being those who had told him the rumors about Ms. Trepe. He does his best to stand just slightly apart from them.]
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[She's not late, but she certainly didn't put in any effort to be early either. Instead, she arrives on time in a cloud of other students on purpose. While she's trying to pretend that everything was fine and dandy, it doesn't change the fact that she's been doing a bang up job of avoiding Quistis so far. Which probably isn't so hard since Quistis is a SeeD and all, but that's not the point.

Still, she can figure exactly how much this demonstration must mean for the other considering what she's heard and been told about her teaching history and all. So for now, she's just going to stand quietly in the group and just watch.]


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[Minato manages to see Rinoa among the last cluster of students to arrive. He nods in greeting just before the class starts.

As Ms. Trepe asks for questions, he recalls there was one part of Blue Magic the textbook was a bit vague on. Oddly enough, no one else was raising their hands to ask. Still, he's not about to let that stop him, and so he raises his hand.]

Ms. Trepe, I understand you learn Blue Magic from certain monsters' remains, but I'm not clear on how that's done.
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Boy I contribute so much. /feels bad

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[Yeah, they really need to just get things over and talk about it. Dancing around the issue just makes thing worse as she's learned all too well lately.

Blue magic wasn't exactly Rinoa's area of interest, still she finds herself listening attentively as Quistis explains the process. Maybe it'd be good to learn about other kinds of magic after all, just in case.

Still, she doesn't actually have anything to contribute just yet, so once again she's just a silent presence in the crowd.]

Luck of the draw, sorry

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[Minato nods.] So it's like drawing, except that the nature of blue magic allows the transfer to become permanent, like a hardware upgrade compared to the filesharing that is paramagic?

[..okay, maybe he should lay off of the computer parallels before he starts tossing terms no one of this world will understand.] It makes sense, thank you.