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007 // QUISTIS [action; Week VII, LBT 101]

[Dressed in her SeeD uniform with Save the Queen hooked on her belt, Quistis stands at the entrance of the training center along with the instructor as they wait for the rest of the students to arrive at the designated area for this special class. While Quistis is upholding her usual poise before the students which have shown up, beneath the surface she is admittedly a bit nervous. It's been a while since she's stood in front of a class like this, since she'd acted as an instructor to a sea of cadets. But the opportunity had presented itself when Instructor Aki had asked if she would like to perform a demonstration of her Blue Magic for the Limit Break Theory class, and the young SeeD obliged. A small part of her had been considering reapplying for instructorship, and this seemed like the proper step to take to see if she was making the right choice.

There are several minutes before class begins and they venture deeper into the Training Area. Don't be late!]

[OOC note: This is for Limit Break Theory, Thursday and Friday! Those who are enrolled in these classes are welcomed to make a subthread for their individual time slots and we can work through specific class interactions that way.]

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