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BBS video from some admin staff member's ID

This... this video was sent to us by a representative from Esthar. We debated long and hard about whether or not we should post it, but... we believe that you should see it.

[The attached video opens with a view of the Great Salt Lake, along with numerous digits in the corner that appear to be an artifact of the recording process, possibly a timecode. The picture is fairly grainy, as if the camera were of lower quality, but is in color. There is no audio.]

[After a moment of nothing but slowly moving clouds, several large words appear, clearly edited into the video in post:]

[They fade, just in time for distant movement to register in the video image. The background jumps forward as the camera zooms in. As it focuses, the blocky, blotchy squares resolve into the still-grainy, but nonetheless unmistakable tri-cannon shape of Trabia Garden in its mobile form.]

[The camera holds on this until Trabia starts to move out of its field of vision, then jumps back to its original wide angle. Trabia is much less clear in this shot, just a moving group of pixels in the background, headed at an angle past the Great Salt Lake which it cannot effectively pass--]

[A pillar of light blooms from its location, rainbow light in countless swirls and confusion. The effect is unmistakable, for anyone who has seen the slightest hint of Time Compression in action. The rest of the scene remains horribly still and unmoving, and the camera doesn't even quiver as it should have, were this an actual explosion.]

[Suddenly, the bloom of light collapses on itself as if it had been violently yanked through a hole much too small for it. The camera again focuses on that same scene it always has, as if nothing had changed. A moment later, more edited-in words fade onto the screen:]

[The video abruptly ends.]

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