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Guess all ya little shits think yur sooooo damn clever skipping class using time compreshun crazy as a excuse. Guess what jellyfish for brains if i can get there so can you. Yeah okay so maybe biology aint a super hard subject if a dumbass like me can figyer it out but ya still gotta do the work. Maybe everyone that aint bothering coming thinks they already know it all so heres the deal. Any moron that dont get a A or better on the next test gets three weeks detenshun since the only reesun i can imajin anybody in my class not doing good is cuz they didnt bother coming. Next tests thursday. Yall been warned. Later losers.

[Apparently the pirate-turned-Instructor isn't a fan of those playing hooky. Is he being unfair? A mad genius? Come tell him all about it.]
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[Nate won't be answering any replies because he's shutting his laptop down to go bury his head in the ground a book. He's a B-average 'moron', HE DOESN'T WANT NO DETENTION]