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Many Happy Returns! A mingle log for reclaims!

[Balamb Garden is chaos!]

[Though the Headmaster has returned, Commander Zabala remains grievously injured, and thus the military side of Garden lurches about like a headless snake, not certain what exactly it ought to be doing. Trabia Garden has landed nearby and its faculty, students, and staff have come aboard to help repair the damage and tend to the injured, but this has only added to the chaos. In other words, Balamb Garden is a horrific flux of old and new people all swarming about, each in a hurry to do the thing they believe is necessary...]

[Worse, Time Compression flashes occasionally disrupt the efforts to repair, rebuild, and recuperate by driving them into complete chaos. The elevator somehow manages to go to the third floor after the first, but before the second, for an hour or two each day. A giant preying mantis has gotten into the empty Training Center. A small group of Trepies chases a walking plate of hot dogs down the lobby paths, trying to catch it before -- well, Hyne only knows what a walking plate of hot dogs is attempting to accomplish, but they probably have the right idea in trying to stop it.]

[Into all this chaos, a few extra people showing up might go entirely unnoticed...]

[OOC: This is an opening mingle for reclaims to show up and be noticed! If your reclaim has been processed, you are free to start posting here. You may also make your own posts in the comms if you wish, and you may assume that your character managed to get their laptop back if they wish to use the BBS.]
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[Well, you disappear for an indeterminate amount of time, and everything goes to hell while you're gone. Not a big surprise to Lina, but frustrating all the same.

Grabbing the nearest person in a uniform she can find nearby, Lina proceeds to do the thing any calm and rational person would do in this situation.]

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[Man, it's a weird experience, stepping out of a regular bathroom into one that seems to have had a bite taken out of it. Still trying to figure out what kind of animal could have a mouth that big as she wanders down the busy hallway, Osaka fails to spot the Instructor barrelling towards her until she feels a jerk on the front of her shirt.

Still, whoever she is, she looks kinda out of it. So Osaka blinks, taking a second to put together the most helpful reply she can muster.]


[Wait, hey, she does know this one!]

Oh, I know! You grabbed me!

[She looks awfully pleased about having sussed that much on her own.]
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[It was like returning home.

Nepeta had never realized just how much she had come to love Gaea until she had been torn away from it. This was the place that had sheltered her during the worst moments of her life. The places that had guided, cared, and essentially raised her to be a person she was almost proud of.

All the friends she had made here had never been forgotten. To say she was ecstatic to be back would be the understatement of the century.

The question was--who still remained? Time Compression had been a fickle thing and for all she knew, all her friends might have been sent back. It was time to investigate!]
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[How long has it been? Maria, looking little-changed physically despite the passing time, practically fumbles the large sack she's carrying onto the floor in surprise.]
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[Nepeta practically lights up at the sight of Maria. There is no missing the giant grin on her face and it takes all her willpower not to just run up to her and give Maria a big hug.]

Hi Maria! [She waves her arms excitedly and moves through the crowd towards her]
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Oh wow. [Still grinning, she runs a hand through her hair out of sheer confusion, swinging the bulging but clearly light sack to the ground as Nepeta approaches.] What -- when did you get back? Did I just miss it?
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[Damian hadn't exactly expected to arrive in Garden today, but then again, he hadn't expected to arrive here the first time around either. Cautiously, his hands go to his weapons, discreetly hidden in his jeans' pocket, when he watches the Trepies just RUN past him.

Oh, and the walking plate of hot dogs too. He stares blankly at them for a few minutes, before rubbing his eyes and turning around towards the chaos of people bustling in and out as if nothing had ever happened.]

What the slag did I miss? [He groans, trying his best not to throw a fit as he lumbers around to various places on campus. Of course he'll make stops by places he knows - his old dorm room; the infirmary (where his file might actually still be the thickest one there); and even the cafeteria, because something had to magic those hot dog plates into sentience.]
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['sup, stranger? Espio stumbles upon Damian in the corridors, and actually has a double take.]

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[Talk about luck. He didn't have to go as far as he'd like to find a familiar face! Though, last he checked, wasn't the chameleon a bit taller? Or did Damian just magically grow overnight...?] How long've I been out?
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It's been so long, I can't even remember the last time I saw you...
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Tt, seriously? [The grumbling's less directed at Espio than his general situation. It would... it would make some sense. He'd been able to go home, finish up middle school (a lot faster that most kids his age, thank you Garden), and go onto high school.

If he'd stayed at Garden, he would've been a Cadet for forever.]
What year is it? 2012?
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More like 2014.
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That long?

[He taps on his forearm, trying not to look as disgruntled as he feels. The effort's failing valiantly.] Guess DiscComm's been out of commission for a while.
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[Oh yeah, the Disciplinary Committee. Ah yes, that was a thing, wasn't it?]

Pretty much. Sorry.
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Dammit. I should punish them all myself. [He glances around at the confusion around them.] Except I think they kind of already did.
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[Follows where Damian's looking around for a moment, trying to come up with an explanation for the current insanity. He keeps it short and sweet:]

We got attacked by Sol Invictus.

Then Time Compression went even crazier than it was before.

And now Esthar's declared war on us.
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[Sol Invictus? He must've been out for a while, for that name not to ring any bells. Damian's confusion gives way to barely-contained anger, once Esthar's name is brought up.]

So half the world's against us now? Slag, no wonder everyone's some kind of zombie.
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I'm really not sure if it's just half the world, you know... feels more like "everywhere except maybe Balamb."
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[Mikuru's eyes widen in delight as she hears him down the hall, and she runs down the path to meet him.] You've missed a lot.
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Mikuru...? [When was the last time he heard that voice? Damian just stares, unable to really do anything - except maybe hesitantly take a step closer.]
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[Mikuru beams, and spreads her arms for a hug.

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He heads over and reluctantly - so very reluctantly - wraps his arms around her for that hug. His body language is screaming that he'd much rather do anything else, but his smile? That's a bit too hard to fake.]
Tt, you're the worst.
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[Mikuru keeps the hug mercifully short and releases him with a giggle.] At least I haven't been away for ages. Have you gotten taller?