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Many Happy Returns! A mingle log for reclaims!

[Balamb Garden is chaos!]

[Though the Headmaster has returned, Commander Zabala remains grievously injured, and thus the military side of Garden lurches about like a headless snake, not certain what exactly it ought to be doing. Trabia Garden has landed nearby and its faculty, students, and staff have come aboard to help repair the damage and tend to the injured, but this has only added to the chaos. In other words, Balamb Garden is a horrific flux of old and new people all swarming about, each in a hurry to do the thing they believe is necessary...]

[Worse, Time Compression flashes occasionally disrupt the efforts to repair, rebuild, and recuperate by driving them into complete chaos. The elevator somehow manages to go to the third floor after the first, but before the second, for an hour or two each day. A giant preying mantis has gotten into the empty Training Center. A small group of Trepies chases a walking plate of hot dogs down the lobby paths, trying to catch it before -- well, Hyne only knows what a walking plate of hot dogs is attempting to accomplish, but they probably have the right idea in trying to stop it.]

[Into all this chaos, a few extra people showing up might go entirely unnoticed...]

[OOC: This is an opening mingle for reclaims to show up and be noticed! If your reclaim has been processed, you are free to start posting here. You may also make your own posts in the comms if you wish, and you may assume that your character managed to get their laptop back if they wish to use the BBS.]

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