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[Her first day in a new school. Funny how things work out. Every other year, it feels like she's moving around and re-adjusting and getting the hang of a new life. Gabs is no stranger to new schools - that much is apparent from her already dog-eared class catalog - but what she is a stranger to? Is a school that lets her learn magic and martial arts and other things straight from a video game.

So after a moment or two of moping and "woe is me," Gabriella got over herself and promptly headed to the Cafeteria for some well-deserved lunch. Except, um. There's one little hitch when she comes and gets her food.]

... What do you mean, you're all out of hot dogs? Isn't that your guys' specialty?

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[Hot dogs. Particularly someone whining over them. That was something he hadn't expected to hear in forever.

Seifer turned around to locate the source of the voice. Definitely whining. Definitely not blond. Definitely not male.]

Didn't you hear? Hot dogs are a particular mystery now.

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[Definitely not getting that reference. Which is a shame.]

You can hunt them down yourself for all I care. You're not missing out on them.

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[As Tracey arrived a few minutes after Gabriella, he didn't hear her words as he stood in line for the food. Frankly, he was a bit curious about the hotdogs that everyone claimed were so great.]

What's wrong?

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You must be a new student like me, then. [Tracey was suddenly a little nervous.] Oh, I was wondering about the hotdogs myself actually.

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[She's lucky enough to have Zim next to her in line, waiting to get his lunch, if only to keep up appearances. He's shocked at this news and he shows it by screaming to no one in particular.]

Out of weenies?! It can't be!

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[He doesn't notice to panicking or the backing away. He's stopped screaming, but is now talking rather loudly.]

Yes, I'm sure they are. [He sounds dismissive.] Why else would these filthy idiots be so obsessed with them?
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[Today's actually Sharpay's takeout day, so she just came for a water and is on her way out to greener pastures.]

Have to be in faster than that for a hot dog.

[Sharpay is almost out of the cafeteria when she realizes: Was that--

[Whirling right around now!]


[Didn't we all miss those shrill dulcet tones. It's a miracle she managed the name in "I am superior Instructor" format.]
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[Must. Recover. Composure.

[Gabriella looks exactly the same as the last time Sharpay saw her...two years ago...high school graduation. Could it be...]

How long have you been here?

[Who knows? She could have been here all along but never in the same classes as Sharpay and just got back from a mission...]

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[Toph's standing behind Gabriella a few paces when she hears that exclamation. Needless to say, the Earthbender isn't pleased. Not pleased one bit. She had managed to dodge Katara's mothering to get down here to find said hot dog goodness, because back in her world, they didn't have anything like this.]

Wait. They're out of hot dogs? They're out?! They can't be out!

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[She marches up to the counter, barefoot, mind you, and stands on her tiptoes to glare... at nothing. Cause she's not even looking at the people there. Just glare. It'll work, she's sure of it.]

This is so lame! You here that?! LAME!

[She sighs.] I was so looking forward to one, too.
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They'll go to your thighs, anyway.

[Looks her over and hums.]

Might be too late... [Casually eating some fruit. The food wasn't half bad, but reapers don't entirely need to eat that much, or that desperately.]

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[Offers an apple. Red and ripe.]

I doubt those hot dogs are all that good, anyway. This beauty has a guarantee to be delicious~.

[What's worse is Grell may just team up with Sharpay.]

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I'm sure they'll get some more soon. Until then, may I suggest fruit? It's better for you.
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Hah, understood then, eh.

Yup. I prefer it myself.

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You have to get here early if you want a hot dog. They're always the first thing they run out of here.

[Rinoa turns and offers the other girl smile, tray in hand.] I'm not really sure what's so great about hot dogs though personally. Then again, I've never had one from here before.

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Why do people insist on caring what food they get? You eat it and digest it - it's all the same, in the end.