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[Event // Action] Backdated to yesterday

[Things have calmed down considerably, but still it's becomming a matter of sustaining. Thankfully, with the monsters and the power out, Nina's managed to cast cure and a few offensive spells without worry of being "caught" using her natural magic. She's had a few bites and scratches here and there, but for the most part, the instructor is well. Her dark wings nearly vanish into the dark halls, though she has a flashlight.

She's looking for anything out of place to continue to secure this block of classrooms. So far, so good!

(ooc: Feel free to throw anyone/thing at her! I'm tagging back as we speak! )
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[Marco ZIPS down the hall in full-out phoenix, and if he could get away with jet noises, he'd be doing so. He pauses to make sure nothing's wrong, but so far so good and just nods mid-air. Hopefully the sparkly flames aren't too over the top. Sadly, those he can't tame down.]
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[Unfortunately that just gets her a flat phoenix look and arched eyebrow. Then Marco debates landing and switching over... but no. He's going to pretend to be an actual bird now. And just calls out some stuff in phoenix.]
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[Pirates are such stubborn students.]
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[There's a sound of a glass harp not too far away before a few Grats screech into oblivion. The sounds continue as Gakupo keeps fighting with his rather noisy sword. It has a tendency to attract, well, anything alive.

Taking care of a few more, Gakupo pauses and listens, trying to hear if there are any more enemies approaching. It's easier to hear them rather than see them with his sensitive ears. There are footsteps behind him and he turns.

Only to be faced with a rather bright light. He immediately shields his eyes.]

Isn't that a bit too bright?
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[Sighs in relief that the light is gone.] Thank you, and perhaps that was my sword... [He gives a light flick of his sword, producing a airy tone before flicking it again, yet the second is lower in tone.] Am I correct?
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I'm not exactly sure, either. [Looks to his sword, turning it a bit.] It may have something to do with the metal used, and the way it was forged.
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Sorry for the late reply! Just got back from vacation!

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Well, it's a normal sword besides the musical notes. It can get quite loud if used properly. [He looks quite proud of that.]
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Oh yay! With getting back into playing, I'm taking baby steps XD

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You...want to watch me? [Blinks in surprise.] ...funny how I got that line a lot in my home world, but not because of my fighting techniques.
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Ah, an instructor? Well, that makes a world of a difference. [Chuckles softly and shakes the offered hand.] Nice to meet you, Miss Nina. I'm Gakupo.
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Oh? I plan to take those next term. I'm still uncertain about what area to specialize in.

[Chuckles.] A break from all this chaos does sound nice, hmm?

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Freeze Lancer!


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Oh, that's one of my own, so I suppose you could say it's from Terca Lumireis.

It's a modification to the Splash spell - this world's interpreted it as ice, but it's actually a combination of the water and wind elements.

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Nope. I do most elements, really - even ones that don't have a counterpart in this world. They seem to have been rendered as "non-elemental."

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Rita Mordio.


Put that way, you'd think that this reality would have a hard time handling us - after all, different worlds are made up in different ways. The simple shock from the transition would, in theory, kill most of us off-worlders outright.

Now, my theory is that whatever part of this reality has twisted to accomodate us also allows for a small portion of our world to accompany us as well. Just that tiny part around us both allows us to exist, and allows us to continue using our own skills.