Dec. 2nd, 2010

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[Things have calmed down considerably, but still it's becomming a matter of sustaining. Thankfully, with the monsters and the power out, Nina's managed to cast cure and a few offensive spells without worry of being "caught" using her natural magic. She's had a few bites and scratches here and there, but for the most part, the instructor is well. Her dark wings nearly vanish into the dark halls, though she has a flashlight.

She's looking for anything out of place to continue to secure this block of classrooms. So far, so good!

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[Only a little shaken up from the crash emergency landing, it had still taken Rinoa a little while to get ready. Fact is she'd had to junction first, Shiva seeming an ironic but appropriate choice considering just how cold it was already getting. The choice to junction ice magic to Elem-def-J had been an easy one  at least. After that it didn't take long to grab not one, but two weapons and head out to see what all the ruckus was about.

Seeing the mess that Garden was in currently, Rinoa was suddenly very thankful for all the extra training she'd been putting in lately.]

Is this some sort of test? [She asks aloud to herself before testing her grip on the gunblade she's been training with for some time now. Looks like this is really it, the ultimate test to see just how much she's learned in class and from Ryu. Satisfied that all is well with the blade, she spares a glance for the blaster edge strapped to her arm for emergency use before hurrying off to get the attention of several grats and bite bugs that seem to be bickering at each other.] I'm not going to be left behind anymore, I don't have to worry. I can fight too! I'm not going to hold anyone back, not anymore.

[Pep talk over she enters into combat with a very serious, for Rinoa anyway, look on her face as she lets the monsters know just who's boss.  Things are indeed different this time. Now the grats and bite bugs are all dispatched easily with swings that have clearly been well drilled into RInoa's subconscious. It's safe to say that the motions are almost flowing, though they're far from the skills of a true master. Still it's a vast improvement and it's obvious after a while that she's fairly proud of herself and her new skill set. to fight with her? Maybe gawk at how much she's managed to improve if you were there for Rinoa's last public foray into gunblade use? Something else entirely? Totally up to you.]
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[There was something bitingly familiar about this, Knuckles had to admit. How many times had he been on something that had plunged into the ground now?

Thankfully, he hadn't lost the Master Emerald in the crash, which meant now that he was working on the second most important thing -- clearing out these monsters and seeing who exactly he could find in this chaos. If the cold is bothering him, it's impossible to tell; he's powering through anything and everything in his way, and he's already pried open a few doors to make pathways.

At the moment, he's currently checking through the classrooms, though it isn't too hard to find him, what with the monster-shaped dents and holes scattered around the hallways.]

Anyone here?


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