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Train Train, Took Them Away [BBS Video]

Another video, guys...

[This video begins in black-and-white. Those who have visited the Fisherman's Horizon train station might recognize the tracks that stretch from the midsea haven across to the continent. Presumably, since this video comes from Esthar as well, they hijacked or intercepted the camera feed to acquire this footage.]

[All is silence, and the picture quality is low enough that at first the train engine chugging its way down the tracks towards the station might seem more like a graphical distortion than an actual object -- but as it approaches, it resolves more clearly into a sleek engine with a single boxy car behind it. The vehicle stops on the tracks some distance away. At the bottom of the picture, a few blurry shapes move around frantically.]

The roof on the train car splits, slides open, and up rises a massive cannon; its sides tremble with barely-contained power, artifacts dancing around it on the screen. After a few seconds, the camera abruptly whites out.]

[Cut to a second camera feed -- this one colorful and crisp, and by all appearances, mounted on the same train car as the cannon. It's the same scene from a different perspective -- the train's approach to just outside of the station, the cannon rising from the car with its barrel aglow. Its effect is clearer this time: a bolt of rainbow energy bursts from its barrel, engulfing not just the train station, but all of Fisherman's Horizon as well. When the crackling color at last fades, it is to show a gaping void past the jagged end of the train tracks.]

[The screen cuts to black, and edited words appear on it.]

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Looks to me like its time to rob a train
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Destroy it or steel it we still gotta get our hands on it. Dickin round here in b town aint makin that cannon any more blown up. What are we waiting for?
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A plan. We can't just barge into what for them will be familiar and no doubt fortified ground. We need to get past that cloaking shield and find out where that cannon's being kept and others are being made.
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So lets make a damn plan alreddy! Shit.

Gotta send someone over that looks an talks like a native to hack someones computer right? I know how to get someone in to the shitty city without being seen if that's what we need. Hell i bet grell and maria could get it done in like half a day! The longest part would be sailing over. What else we need?
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they can all stay clear of timber

who needs a good kicking??
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These guys are making less and less sense.

Hey, we're in charge of all this stuff, let's play with it and see what happens! Ooh, we can attack things with it! Oh, whoops, we're causing disasters everywhere (and seriously, it's gotta be their fault), let's blame the off-worlders and seal off the country! Hey flying fortress with a small handful of off-worlders, we want your flying fortress, but we don't want to damage it so let's time-warp everywhere else into oblivion until the only things left are our country and your shiny thing, and then we'll rule the world.

I think Esthar's military are off-worlders.

And that they're from the Special Zone.

Their logic is just that sound.

But seriously, there's probably a way to reverse the effects. They're time-warped, not destroyed. It's possible that trying to reverse the effects came first - that was what we were told they were working on for a long time, after all.

So at least it's possible that they're not all lost, but at the same time, we don't know where and when they're sending these places to and what condition they'll be in if they ever manage to get warped back.

We definitely need to destroy both cannons, then get more info.

[Despite trying to present something positive(ish), Espio's freaking out over here. His pessimism is screaming at him that it's blind hope. Why? Well, places disappearing into nothing? Um...]