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[action] The short return to Balamb Garden

{The battle in Central was over. Tomorrow, the clean up begins but, for now, they rest.

It only took minutes for the sleep aids to kick in, but when they did she was out. One moment she was in a hospital bed next to the Colonel, the next she found herself in a familiar place. Well, somewhat familiar. The place looked like hell right now but it was definitely Balamb Garden.]

What the....? How in the hell did I get here again?

[Those who are close to her, or appear next to her, are more than welcome to explain at any moment now.]
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[Hope she doesn't mind 8-foot tall Shark Fishmen. This one is walking down the hall, minding his own business, when Riza suddenly appears right in front of him! Namur barely has time to register the human before forward momentum nearly drives him into her, but he twists to the side, redirecting his flow of motion, and winds up doing some fancy footwork as a result. Somehow, he manages to keep upright. He peers at her and sniffs, then shakes his head, muttering.]

Damn Time Compression. Shit's gettin' ridiculous.

[Namur smiles- though it may not look as friendly as he intends, considering the rows of razor sharp shark teeth.]

Mornin', sweetheart! Lookin' a li'l confused there. Time Compression's bein' a bigger bitch'n normal lately so watch yer step, eh? Sheheheh!
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Is it my birthday already? Can't be... there's no bow on my present.

[Some things never change, and Greed must be one of those. He hides his surprise and frank confusion under his usual confident grin.]