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Oh! What did I do just now?

[You wouldn't think it was possible to make an accidental video post on these things, would you? Especially not when you'd actually taken the computer classes already, right? Well, Colette managed it, and she looks really surprised when she realises that she's being recorded.]

Can... can you all hear me? Is this like the BBS?


Um, hi. It's Colette.

[Wave wave.]

I kind of don't really know where we are right now. Everything is a bit... weird.

But, um, what do you call this thing? The one that copies you like a mirror? I always just wrote things and I don't know how...

[There's a few clicks, when suddenly the video stops.]
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You mean the video feed? I think you managed it just fine. :)

- Instructor Tom Bronson
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Re: text

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that's just what we call it. I'd be impressed if you could actually feed a computer. [And kind of scared.]

You took computer classes, right? It's easy once you figure out what each button means.
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oh yeah we did get laptops a while back! The tech here got a lot of upgrades while you were gone, if you don't remember those.

If you want me to give you a refresher, I'm pretty free today.

- Instructor Bronson
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/slides in late

[personal profile] werepanther 2014-03-18 06:16 am (UTC)(link)
sure thing! what time would be good for you? in 10 minutes? (: