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006 Video

[With a buzz the feed clicks on. Staring back through at you is Selphie, but she looks rather odd in the fact she has piled clothes on. She raises a gloved hand in a perky wave.]

Heeeey. Soooooo ummm....

[She looks a little ashamed]

....I think I need anger managment....


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The first step is admitting it or something like that.


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Not sure if it works magically like that.


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I think you don't need to wear that many clothes. Why are you wearing that many clothes?

- Instructor Renge

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So, that's why you wear so many layers that are properly not needed? As for the anger thing, carry around fan, you should be fine.

- Instructor Renge
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Anger managment? It is not my forte and I would probably only anger you more if I was to try and qualm your anger. Perhaps you should speak to whoever is in charge of the infirmary.

But I must ask. You look positively delightful! I am curious as to what made you decide to dress yourself in so much clothes.

-Instructor Redglare
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You go do that. I am sure they will love to help you.

That sounds tragic indeed. I would hate to have to absorb negative feelings. I can smell your sadness from that strange sideways face you made. How long has this been going on?

-Instructor Redglare

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So hit people? You won't break them. I hope.

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They have punching bags in the martial arts room. I use 'em myself. I kinda have anger management issues too.


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Well since you didn't think any of the other suggestions would be really helpful...this way you aren't hurting anyone? You're just using the punching bags as intended. Plus Instructor Viliers is a decent guy if you need a spotter or something.

Or I could come down, whatever.


[action: So Zaky poo gets out of class...]

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[It's about an hour later--maybe a little more than that. Zak might have swung by his room to drop off all his books and stuff and change out of his uniform. Something sensible like that.

Still, it's not really polite to keep a lady waiting, so he reaches the martial arts room at a jog. Zak does manage to not be too goggle eyed at the fact that it's *that* Selphie, at least--though he'd probably act more starstruck if he wasn't by himself. And self conscious about it. He lifts a hand to the back of his head, and rubs at it.]

Hey, I'm Zak. You're Selphie, right? Did you see Instructor Villiers?

[As Zak hadn't, that is.]

So are you ready to go?

(ooc: Two things. I am probably hitting the hay pretty soon but I'll tag back as soon as I can. Also, Zak's power for the event is Power Negation, which means he can damp that empathy that has Selphie so on edge, if that's okay?)

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It should be? I don't have any plans to like, break stuff, and I doubt you will. And I won't laugh, I swear. [Holding up a hand as if he actually had scouts' honor or something. And shrugs.]

Well, if he shows up it's not like we can't explain what we're doing. We're being serious, not trying to do anything dumb!

Anyway, you first, and pick your bag. Even if that sounds weird. [Have a half-hearted grin.]