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02nd stellar mage | PMS to Jason Todd

Instructor Todd, would you like to have some coffee with me? I have some questions about Garden, and since last time we spoke, you tried your very best to be polite and welcoming, I thought you'd be up to the idea.

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[He doesn't take long to get there. He's wearing his usual clothes- he didn't really have time to change.]

Hey there, beautiful.

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And the name's Jason, but you already knew that.

[He grins at her] Shall we go?

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[He chuckles, wrapping his arm around hers] And may I ask, what brought this on?

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Oh I do, I'm just pretty sure I wasn't the only one to be nice to you, Lucy, beautiful.

[He raises an eyebrow, still grinning] I'm sure a girl like you always has a lot of men around her, willing to help.

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Of course, so why not ask them? [He opens the door for her once they reach the place] Not that I mind spending time with you.