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[Gwendolyn, not for the first time, is of the belief that her stay in this world is not the result of a loopy Sorceress kompressing time, but actually a punishment from her father. Having spent the past week and a half essentially babysitting what were normally fellow cadets, with some of the adults taking their being regressed to her age as an excuse to shirk duties, strikes her as the sort of ironic hell that would drive Queen Odette jealous for not having thought of it first.

Still, at least her fellow unaffected have taken to the task of looking after the afflicted well, to the point that by now they can afford to let some of them take time off. Which is what she'ss doing in Trabia Garden at the moment (well, that and keeping an eye in case the one guiding the children on a field trip missed one).

She finds the weather rather chilly today, to the point that she's wearing her cadet uniform - her wings come out of slits she had made on the skirt, but it doesn't seem to raise much attention, thankfully.]

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