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[action] first shine

[Once glance at the latest arrival, and someone might strongly suspect that he was drunk. Trudging slowly through the halls, he sways and staggers, rubbing at bleary eyes and tripping over his own heavy feet. He doesn't look ill, not at all, simply exhausted.

Which, actually, is the truth. He's been wandering everywhere in search of the land he left, baffled by the technology surrounding him and quite lost in the layout. The letter explaining the situation had been ignored.

Feel free to run into him anywhere. It's going to be a long journey.]


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[Waaaaaitaminnit, that looks kind of like—]


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[—oh hey it is.]


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[Ryu you're now being followed wat do]

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[Coming up riiiiiight behind him and—]

Ryu! You're here too?

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[Strangely, (or perhaps not) tired is also exactly how Momoshiro appears. Albeit smiling, friendly, and a little distracted trying to absorb everything at once. He just barely bumps into Ryu, being a little too distracted, but quickly covers for it.]

Ah, sorry about that.

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Are you okay? [Looks worried, given Ryu's state.]

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[When Ryu spots the newcomer, he stops dead in his tracks. There was something about this guy, it was almost like looking in a mirror, except... Well, no harm in checking up on him.]

Are you lost?

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[He still feels a little wary about this one.]

There's a map back in the lobby. It's color coded, so you have an idea of where you're going.
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[Stumbled into in the halls!]
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You should really watch where you're walking.

...are you sleep walking?

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[Oh dear. That's a sure sign of an off-worlder if she ever saw one!]

Ah, excuse me! Are you alright?

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Sounds like you're new here. Has anyone explained Time Compression to you yet? [pulls out an unopened water bottle - this is Mia, she's always prepared - and offers it to him]
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[Initially the only thing she notices is the blue hair, which explains her reaction.]

Ryu! I wanted to ask you about when we were going to be training nex... are you okay? [The fact that he seems to be swaying on his feet has finally registered and then a second, more alarming piece of news.] Wait a minute, you're not Ryu!
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[Sorry Ryu, no scantily clad women here. In fact Rinoa's probably even wearing the school uniform even, since it's not like she can always wear that duster, right?]

It is? That's weird. You look kind of like Ryu and your name's even the same. Maybe you're related? Do you have a brother named Ryu then or something?

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