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[Gwendolyn, not for the first time, is of the belief that her stay in this world is not the result of a loopy Sorceress kompressing time, but actually a punishment from her father. Having spent the past week and a half essentially babysitting what were normally fellow cadets, with some of the adults taking their being regressed to her age as an excuse to shirk duties, strikes her as the sort of ironic hell that would drive Queen Odette jealous for not having thought of it first.

Still, at least her fellow unaffected have taken to the task of looking after the afflicted well, to the point that by now they can afford to let some of them take time off. Which is what she'ss doing in Trabia Garden at the moment (well, that and keeping an eye in case the one guiding the children on a field trip missed one).

She finds the weather rather chilly today, to the point that she's wearing her cadet uniform - her wings come out of slits she had made on the skirt, but it doesn't seem to raise much attention, thankfully.]

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[With the sudden change in most of the cadets around Garden, Zuko was one of the lucky few who hadn't lost any years or gained any. He had remained the same sixteen year old teenager that he was, fiery temper, impatience and all.

Days ago the Fire Princess had disappeared.

Zuko thought about asking on the school boards about where his sister had gone to, but by the time he went to write up the post, all of this had happened. Who was going to be able to read the message or know anything if there was no one but brats running around?

He's figured that, by now, Azula's gone off home to the Fire Nation. Just as Sokka and Toph had gone weeks ago. It won't stop him from taking a look around Garden though to see if he can find her.

Let it snow let it snow let it snow! [Tag to Katt]

[Nina's sitting rather peacefully in her dorm from the looks of things. She smiles and waves to the camera cheerily]

Hey, does anyone know how to ski? I really want to try it. Or snowboard. It looks like so much fun!

Also, Katt? Two words for you. Bunny Marshmallows [She holds up a bag of sugary goodness shaped like rabbits.]

And while I'm on more relaxing topics, do we do White ...uhm... you guys don't have Great Birds... uhm... well a anonymous gift exchange?

(ooc: Nina likes giving presents, she's secretly trying to figure out nice things to do for people. And she's trying to say White Elephant exchange. )

[Event // Action] Backdated to yesterday

[Things have calmed down considerably, but still it's becomming a matter of sustaining. Thankfully, with the monsters and the power out, Nina's managed to cast cure and a few offensive spells without worry of being "caught" using her natural magic. She's had a few bites and scratches here and there, but for the most part, the instructor is well. Her dark wings nearly vanish into the dark halls, though she has a flashlight.

She's looking for anything out of place to continue to secure this block of classrooms. So far, so good!

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Action; backdated to November 30

[Over the course of her life, Gwendolyn has learned to count her blessings. For instance, at least this time she wasn't caught flying outside when the Garden crash-landed. Better still, she also didn't have to fly back to Garden, which means she's fresh and capable of engaging in more than a few rounds of combat in the event of a fiend invasion.

You know, such as the one currently taking place.

Fortunately, there are more than enough SeeDs and cadets running around to keep anyone from being overwhelmed. Just to be safe, Gwendolyn is gliding around, dive-bombing any beast that decides on ambushing an already occupied ally - a confused foe is an easily dispatched one, after all - and lending a hand to anyone who might need it.

If she has one regret for today, it's that no one's probably recording that fight she glimpsed between two Blue Dragons and a T-Rexaur. Ah well...]

[Event // Action] Backdated to yesterday.

[Those who have managed to break out into the Quad amongst the chaos have found a rather... unusual and perhaps terrifying scene. Some monsters are screeching and twisting in agony as their bodies slowly dissipate into data, while others seem to be missing some part of their body entirely. Even the Quad itself has suffered some of the damage, with the trees and other plants missing entire hunks or parts of themselves, while some -- like the monsters -- are still slowly deleting piece by piece.

Tobias has gone into what can only be counted as an utter panic. The biting cold and sudden surge of creatures has terrified him to the point of blank-minded preservation, and he's resorted to using the power he'd been hiding for so long. Anyone who gets near him will clearly be able to see that his right hand to a few inches above his wrist is no longer flesh -- instead, it seems to be made of what can only be described as purple 1s and 0s along with what seems to be glitched up tiles of ground or water, all arranged in a hand-like shape. Whatever this weird hand is, he's using it wildly, grabbing anything that gets close, which causes whatever it is to fall into the deletion pattern until it manages to wrench away long enough to break contact.

Tears are streaming down his face, and his voice is hoarse, as if he's already been yelling for a while now.]

Espio! Daddy! Mom! HELP!

[event action] backdated to yesterday I suppose?

[When Garden had taken its rough tumble along the snowy grounds, Squall had been standing at the window in his 3F office looking out at the passing white-covered foliage. The announcement had been made immediately after he'd braced himself against the window frame, having jolted forward upon impact.

The lights and all power had been lost, the only light being from what was outside as it filtered into his office.

...What now?

[He can only imagine the panic beginning down on the main level and sets off with Lion Heart in hand, leaving the office. He doesn't wait for the elevator, instead he takes the emergency exit stairs off to the left of the corridor and lets himself out onto the 2F to assess any 'damage'.

Well. The only 'damage' there is are the monsters running around on their rampage. So he stands there to take everything in and then moves forward to help those in need with disposing any of the monsters.

[Event Action too]

[While most people might be panicking, Marco is having something of an opposite reaction. To Marco, this is fun. So fun, that if it wasn't an Okama thing to yell "Hee-haw!" in his world, Marco might actually go JUST that far. Up until now only Grell has really seen Marco in full-out mode. But Marco's all out now, kicking things down the hall and having a blast with the invasion. There might be the occasional backflip or upside kick, and Marco's just indiscriminately switching from phoenix to human, wings to arm, legs to talons, all at a whim. Even when he's not upside down or flying, he's still usually got a fine coat of blue flames covering him which doesn't burn anything or anyone, but does light up the halls and make him a prime target. And he loves it.

Those who've made close friends with Marco can expect him to drop by to check on them and make sure they're safe; starting with Toby and Espio, but quickly making it around to Ace, Gakupo, Grell, Damien, Aang, and so on. Whether they can handle themselves or not. Besides, as far as Marco's concerned, this is fun! And if he can get across to the girl's dorms, he's going to check in on them as well.]

004 :: Action

[Anyone in the lobby area might find themselves startled by a sound like that of a gunshot splitting the air.

The cause, oddly enough, is Akiela. She stands on top of the flattened remains of a Grat, who tried to smack her with its feelers and paid the price when she dodged by jumping into the air before, ultimately, coming back down on top of it's head. Never let it be said that a Dragoon can't cause a headache. Stepping out of the mess and ignoring the gunk on her boots, she calmly unhooks her spear and twirls it once in hand before approaching a blue dragon.

A suicidal move? Perhaps.

Or perhaps not. The dragon seems, oddly enough, intimidated by her presence. Maybe you'll use the opening to give her a hand?]

Move, you overgrown Puk. I've no time to waste on monsters who barely rate a decent challenge. [She has an appointment to keep, after all.]

[Event Action] Dormitory Defense

Bring it on!

[So echoes the challenge issued by the cocky Instructor standing outside the dormitory, fists balled and a grin on his face as he stands guard over the door. Come close enough or catch his attention and he has this to say:]

I'll hold down the fort here. Anyone who needs shelter or safety can camp out in the rooms. Anyone who's hurt, get them back here till we can make sure the infirmary's clear.

And if you need help out there, yell. [Because heroes never back down -- and Instructors don't do their students work for them out there!]

Let's do this!

0001 - Birdy's Flown Home [open commentlog]

[Nina's mission had been a success, but that was to be expected. She was nothing if not studious. She was honestly enjoying the winter break and downtime because it gave her time to work on her own studies a bit. That and make a syllabus for her courses. You'll find the little birdy sitting in the cafeteria, happily reading and sipping on some coffee. Feel free to bug her!]