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A Curtain Rises

In the middle of the plains of Esthar, a crooked, damaged Balamb Garden sat motionless on the ground, in the center of the crater it had plowed into the ground when its engines had finally failed under strain and damage. Next to it, the crippled Ragnarok and immobile Chaotix lay where they'd been dropped, each of them laboriously hauled back to their home base rather than being left to rot where they'd been cut down by Esthar's weaponry. It might be months before any of them moved again.

Despite this, it was a very good day.

On its northern side, the scarred but functional Galbadia Garden sat, the temporary home of SeeD and its mobile base of operations until their true home could be repaired. On its southern flank, the great machines ripped from Esthar's laboratories slowly trundled their way through the gate, supported by levitation devices and hauled by chocobos. The great red chocobo took the lead on the line, its muscles straining beneath its feathers and its massive feet seeming to put more power into each step than every other one of its yokemates combined.

As Trabia Garden drifted by to the south, it twisted its head and called out a brilliant "Kweh!" that carried over the plains, though not so far that anyone on Trabia could hear it over the slow rumble of their engines, or the swiveling of the great cannons as the gears strained and the pistons churned to lift them.

The machinery vanished through the entrance gates of Balamb Garden, and the first of many salvos thundered into the air from Trabia's main guns. The shells and their special loads flew skywards, then burst into a brilliant rainbow of fireworks.

Today was a day for celebration, and sadness.

Esthar had achieved their goals. Years of research by Dr. Odine and his associates had given them what they had sought from the moment the first offworlders appeared. They had mastered Time Compression -- in fact, they had contained it, in gradually growing pieces. Odine, of course, treated anyone who would listen to a long lecture on how Time Compression was not truly contained, and in fact could not be, but in fact what they had done was completely collapse all possibilities on a fifth-dimensional level and consequently all space and time in a localized area into one singularity which could be manipulated through advanced semiparamagical gravitolectromagnetic influences, thereby controlling probability in a manifold way -- no one got through more than two sentences of this explanation. The powers-that-be in Esthar had chosen to use this containment for weapons and armor, in a bid to at last bring stability to the world under Esthar's yoke. But Odine had continued to develop, this entire time, a machine powerful enough to contain all of Time Compression, to render Ultimecia's influence on all space and time into one fixed location rather than allowing it to run rampant any longer. After all, what would Esthar gain if it ruled a world of uncontrolled chaos?

Their mistake was, as so many before them, underestimating SeeD. In the end, all their greatest weapons and mightiest defenses could not keep a few plucky teenagers, supported by the awesome might of Garden, from breaching their most well-defended sanctum and activating the controlling mechanisms prematurely. Without Time Compression, Esthar's army stumbled, and thanks to Garden, fell.

For two months, SeeD and those of Dr. Odine's team who supported control instead of conquest tinkered and tested the control they had over the contained Time Compression, and for one of those months the world shuddered under their efforts, each seeming more dangerous than the last. Then, one day, a breakthrough: GFs could affect the semiparamagical gravitolectromagnetics. Ultimecia, at the end and in the heart of Time Compression, had Junctioned herself to a GF, and in doing so, had bound all that she wrought to that particular wavelength of energy being.

Within a week, Deling Lake became Deling City again. A few days after that, Trabia Garden and Fishermans Horizon emerged from the unification of space and time to become discrete once again. SeeDs swept the world by train and boat, sending back coordinates and information on Time Compressed sites to be returned to their proper homes.

And so it went until today, when at last so many would be granted what they sought and others what they dreaded or would never accept.

The last of the mechanisms hissed into place in the subbasement. The new generators, humming with suppressed power, poured energy into the great metal arch that stood at the back of the assembly hall, the only place large and unused enough they could put them. On the stage, Commander Zabala faced the arch, one hand lifted, waiting.

"When you're ready?" Headmaster Cid said, stepping up next to her. Zabala flashed him a brief look, but saw nothing she didn't expect; nervousness, a tinge of perspiration, and general concern all around. After everything he'd been through, in some ways he hadn't changed at all.

She found that faintly comforting, as she dropped her hand and summoned Diablos. The GF burst upward in a crash of bats and energy, its great gravity magic gathering in its hand. At the perfect moment, according to timing only it knew, it hurled the sphere into the midst of the arc, the area around it deforming as it distorted everything around it from sheer gravity. The magic froze in the center of the arch, electricity crackling around its exterior, for one moment -- then the very cosmos itself ripped open with a horrible screeching tearing feeling right behind the stomach, and the black ball blew outwards into a rainbow sheen of Time Compression that sheeted the interior of an arch like a film of soapy water.

The Commander lifted her voice to address the crowds that stood behind her. "It is open. Any of you who wish to stay may do so. Any of you who wish to return will always have a place here. The rest of you..."

She turned, snapped her heels together, and lifted her hand in a salute. "Dismissed."

You can go home now, if you want.
You can go anywhere, if you want, and you know how to get there or just get lucky.
So long as you have your Junction Device, you can come back.
Or you can stay. There's a lot of Time Compression left in the world to be sent back to its proper place. There are monsters to fight, cities to rebuild, and for some, classes to finish and exams to take. There are Gardens and vehicles to fix, and a world to set off on a new course. Hopefully a better one.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, Balamb Garden will have a place for you still. And maybe, a decade or two down the line, your sons and daughters will step through the archway, clutching an admission letter, a shiny new Junction Device, and the knowledge that they can train to be the elite mercenaries respected not just here, but in all the worlds Time Compression has ever touched.

The future is bright and brilliant. And today is a very good day.
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Come Back With Your Shield, Or On It

[The call to attack doesn't come from an intercom chime or an alert siren. It can't, when the four assault platforms are spaced out miles and miles apart around the perimeter of Esthar. In fact, Laguna has ordered complete radio silence for the duration of the mission. Unpleasant as it might be, each team will be working independently, the better to keep each other from cluing the enemy in to each other's position...]

[...and a grim acknowledgment that some of them may not make it.]

[At 0847 hours exactly (because Laguna had picked an odd time on the premise that Esthar would be less likely to expect an attack at what sounds like a random number), each pilot is to engage the engines at advance at top speed towards Esthar City. The ultimate goal: Reach Odine Labs, and find any way possible to disable Esthar's control over Time Compression.]

[If there are any goodbyes to be said, now is too late. It's go time.]

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings [Action/Closed]

[Healed at last. Fully cleared to fight again! As Rainbow sits on her cloud-bed, running a hoof over the scar that marks her chest strongly enough to leave a line through her fur, she wonders if that's because she's actually well, or just because they want everypony available to fight.]

[Doesn't matter, though. She wouldn't miss this if she was on death's door! ...again. Fate of the world? That's old hat for her! It's everypony else she has to fight for that drives her on.]

[As she slides off the bed, she gives a pet to Tank's head, then paces over to the dresser. Maybe she ought to wear her uniform in the fight. Let them all know who she's fighting for?]

[...then again, they MIGHT just think she's a random monster and ignore her, if she doesn't.]


Okay. So... I know this place has some really weird stuff going on sometimes. But I turn around for one second and it's apparently over a year later, Sol Invictus is taken care of, and now Esthar turns out to be evil? Am I up to speed on everything?

Apparently my sponsor is also giving me a Chocobo. I'm kinda surprised that they knew I'd be back for that. I think Piyomon might be a bit jealous about that part though, but he's cute and probably strong if we're supposed to be using them to fight. But does anyone know why we're getting them and barely getting any instruction on how to ride them? This doesn't seem like it'd really go all that well with some people.

Also, umm... for those who don't know me, hi. My name's Chika Daimon. I hope everything goes well if we end up in battle together.

intercom + action

[Bright and early in another day of Garden's airborne evasive maneuvers, the intercom chime heralds the cheerful voice of Garden Master Loire booming through the mobile fortress.]

Just so you know, this is entirely planned!

[After a full three seconds to ponder that particularly ominous wording, Balamb Garden shudders violently as an immense crash splits the air, drowning out everything else for an apocalyptic moment. It sounds like a hundred thousand mirrors had met unfortunate ends at the hands of a hundred thousand burly lumberjacks, and the sound just seems to go on and on.]

[The Garden turns, quickly for it, a rotation that sends unsecured objects to the floor and causes furniture to slide across the floors. After half a minute or so on this new heading, that hell-noise finally comes to an end.]

[Then the intercom chimes again.]

Okay, I think that ought to tell Esthar that we don't plan on surrendering, and damage the OCS all at once. While they're rushing to do repairs, we're heading back to pick up Galbadia Garden. I need a pilot and two or three others to climb aboard and help wreck the OCS up. Smash it a few times, various places.

Once we've got the OCS weakened in a bunch of places and Esthar's response forces are spread out, we're going in and piling straight for Esthar City. Both airships, both Gardens. Teams of two to four, final goal of getting into Dr. Odine's lab and figuring out how to stop this wreck. I know he's got some experiments in there that might do the trick, and now's a better time than any I can think of to test them.

Form up your teams, get ready for war, and -- uh, can someone bring some paper towels up to the helm? Spilled some coffee...
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HOT DAMN time compreshun ya done pullin shit yet or no?

The hells up with this shit i couldnt get ta class one day cuz the damn hallway never ended an them dumbass dolfins was doin a shitty job a singin ai%a songs. Dolfins aint never been good singers tell ya that but these ones was extra bad holy shit. Just glad i wasnt in the shower that day all the walls turned invisible lol! But damn that last one was a bitch huh? Time literully went nuts.


Theyll be funnier now their over


Train Train, Took Them Away [BBS Video]

Another video, guys...

[This video begins in black-and-white. Those who have visited the Fisherman's Horizon train station might recognize the tracks that stretch from the midsea haven across to the continent. Presumably, since this video comes from Esthar as well, they hijacked or intercepted the camera feed to acquire this footage.]

[All is silence, and the picture quality is low enough that at first the train engine chugging its way down the tracks towards the station might seem more like a graphical distortion than an actual object -- but as it approaches, it resolves more clearly into a sleek engine with a single boxy car behind it. The vehicle stops on the tracks some distance away. At the bottom of the picture, a few blurry shapes move around frantically.]

The roof on the train car splits, slides open, and up rises a massive cannon; its sides tremble with barely-contained power, artifacts dancing around it on the screen. After a few seconds, the camera abruptly whites out.]

[Cut to a second camera feed -- this one colorful and crisp, and by all appearances, mounted on the same train car as the cannon. It's the same scene from a different perspective -- the train's approach to just outside of the station, the cannon rising from the car with its barrel aglow. Its effect is clearer this time: a bolt of rainbow energy bursts from its barrel, engulfing not just the train station, but all of Fisherman's Horizon as well. When the crackling color at last fades, it is to show a gaping void past the jagged end of the train tracks.]

[The screen cuts to black, and edited words appear on it.]

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BBS video from some admin staff member's ID

This... this video was sent to us by a representative from Esthar. We debated long and hard about whether or not we should post it, but... we believe that you should see it.

[The attached video opens with a view of the Great Salt Lake, along with numerous digits in the corner that appear to be an artifact of the recording process, possibly a timecode. The picture is fairly grainy, as if the camera were of lower quality, but is in color. There is no audio.]

[After a moment of nothing but slowly moving clouds, several large words appear, clearly edited into the video in post:]

[They fade, just in time for distant movement to register in the video image. The background jumps forward as the camera zooms in. As it focuses, the blocky, blotchy squares resolve into the still-grainy, but nonetheless unmistakable tri-cannon shape of Trabia Garden in its mobile form.]

[The camera holds on this until Trabia starts to move out of its field of vision, then jumps back to its original wide angle. Trabia is much less clear in this shot, just a moving group of pixels in the background, headed at an angle past the Great Salt Lake which it cannot effectively pass--]

[A pillar of light blooms from its location, rainbow light in countless swirls and confusion. The effect is unmistakable, for anyone who has seen the slightest hint of Time Compression in action. The rest of the scene remains horribly still and unmoving, and the camera doesn't even quiver as it should have, were this an actual explosion.]

[Suddenly, the bloom of light collapses on itself as if it had been violently yanked through a hole much too small for it. The camera again focuses on that same scene it always has, as if nothing had changed. A moment later, more edited-in words fade onto the screen:]

[The video abruptly ends.]
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A storm is coming... (OPEN THROUGHOUT WEEK)

A couple of days after Garden Master Laguna's first order, preparations for war are well underway wherever one looks, and many a non-combat or medical instructor is excusing cadets who claim they are helping with the war effort.

All throughout the building, building checks and last minute repairs are still underway, and the Garden Master himself is out and about and ready for a chat.

In the training center, some people have taken to offering free spar sessions. Sometimes instructors and SeeDs can be found offering fighting tips to the less experienced.

For those who would rather train against monsters, the Fire Cavern is open and supervised. It's a good place to draw Fire and Thunder spells, too.

The infirmary is offering first aid refresher crash courses and small medpacks to bring into battle. They also need help making said packs and sorting their hastily purchased supplies.

Speaking of supplies, the 2F supply rooms, normally only entered for missions and relevant classes, are doing an inventory of the weapon and spell stocks still available after the Battle of the Three Gardens. Magic stocks are being topped up by refining spells from other items.

Considering someone used a carrier vehicle in said Battle, people are also checking all of Garden's vehicles in the garages (as well as the small fleet of boats kept at Balamb Harbor). Mechanics would be much appreciated.

Though several of the lesser trained cadets have been pulled out of school by their parents following the declaration of war, those left are being subjected to evacuation and lockdown drills in the dorms.

(OOC: Despite the prompts being in prose, please feel free to action tag!)


Guess all ya little shits think yur sooooo damn clever skipping class using time compreshun crazy as a excuse. Guess what jellyfish for brains if i can get there so can you. Yeah okay so maybe biology aint a super hard subject if a dumbass like me can figyer it out but ya still gotta do the work. Maybe everyone that aint bothering coming thinks they already know it all so heres the deal. Any moron that dont get a A or better on the next test gets three weeks detenshun since the only reesun i can imajin anybody in my class not doing good is cuz they didnt bother coming. Next tests thursday. Yall been warned. Later losers.

[Apparently the pirate-turned-Instructor isn't a fan of those playing hooky. Is he being unfair? A mad genius? Come tell him all about it.]
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(no subject)

[At 1000 hours, the intercom chimes.]

Good morning, Balamb Garden! I have two announcements to make this morning.

[Cid chuckles.] I'm glad to be saying that. There were times during my month away that I thought I would never get to make announcements to Garden again. Sol Invictus took advantage of my love for Balamb Garden by having a shapeshifter disguised as one of our own cadets lure me into their hands. While I was held hostage, all I could think about was Garden, and my wife, Edea, of course... I missed these halls, the looks of boredom and concentration alike on cadets' faces, the dedication of our SeeDs and staff, I missed my home... And when Sol Invictus fed me just enough of their leftovers to keep me alive, I wondered: Would I ever eat a Balamb Garden hot dog again?

[Someone else clears their throat, and Cid stops abruptly.]

I'm sorry, all, I got a little carried away. But I would like to thank you all for your hard work in stopping Sol Invictus from gaining control of our Garden and in our repair work over the last few weeks.

Now, my announcements... [There's a rustle of paper.] As Commander Zabala remains indisposed in the infirmary, the Garden Master will be stepping up to lead Garden in times of battle. There will be a ceremony for his arrival on Monday morning, so please report to the quad at 0745 instead of to your homeroom class.

Finally, I would like to give a warm welcome back to all of our returning cadets and SeeDs. I am sorry that you have come back to us in such trying times, but if there is anything that can be done to make your return more comfortable, please do not hesitate to ask myself or a SeeD. This is your home as much as it is mine.

This concludes today's announcements. Have a wonderful day!

[The announcement ends, and the intercom clicks off.]
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4 // [action]

[Heading into town this afternoon to get away from the worst of the chaos around Garden? You wouldn't be the only person with that idea. Yosuke likes to think he's built up a decent tolerance for weird by now, but this morning he happened to reach under his bed and found nothing there except a hot dog that promptly skittered out the window on spindly legs, which was the last straw.

But when he steps out of a shop and happens to spot a rotund white chicken pecking at the pavement opposite, a different idea starts to form. Actually, it's more like a recollection. When he first overheard something about people wanting to repopulate the Training Centre, he hadn't really thought it was relevant to him, but... come to think, did they ever specify what qualified as a monster? This chicken sure looks out of place as far as he can tell, so it could have been zapped in from who knows where five minutes ago, and a quick fumble tells him he can Scan it, although he doesn't yet - is there anything stopping him from bringing in something like this, which has to be less dangerous than the honest-to-god dinosaurs they used to have in there? As a public service, it's worth a try.

Dropping the bag in his hand, he edges closer, flattening himself against the wall with exaggerated stealth. He keeps a close eye on his quarry all the while - and on nothing else, which might not be the wisest decision while he's standing in the middle of what is after all a high street. But hey, it's a mission! Of course he's serious about it!]
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BBS/PM -> Action

[Over the last two weeks, Espio has been very, very quiet. He's not been avoiding anyone, per se, but has made it clear that he doesn't really want company for the moment and has been quick to shut down conversation. He's been teaching his classes as usual, but his heart hasn't been in it - he's gone far too easy on everyone, and not just because he's been recovering from his own injuries.

He started to brighten up a little when old familiar faces began popping up, and didn't seem too unsettled by the chaos around them, and yet...


Hey, old newbies. Welcome back to the chaos that is Balamb Garden. Watch your step - you might get teleported into the pool at any moment. Or trip over a stray hotdog.

I'll start panicking when sections of Special Zone start getting imported.


[PM to This Family]


[Yes, just the one word. He's referring to Galbadia Garden's ice rink, and it's intended as a hint to where he'll be - perched on the barrier surrounding said ice rink. While mildly drunk (his common sense kicked in before it got too far). Because obviously, sitting in a chilled room in close proximity to a lump of ice while you are cold-blooded and mildly inebriated is a very intelligent thing to do.

Meh. He reckons if they all turn up, he can skate well enough to not faceplant into the ice.

o19. ♌ video

[Now here is yet another figure who had not been seen for a long time. It looks like Nepeta is back, and she most definitely looks incredibly happy for it]

Hi guys! Long time no see! Um, that is assuming that my old furiends are still around. I really hope you guys are. I'm really glad to be back here, however chaotic things seem to be.

[Because really. Nepeta considers this place her home. More than Alternia ever was (though really that wasn't saying much.]

Has everyone been okay? Who else had graduated since I was last here? I want to know everything.
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[action] The short return to Balamb Garden

{The battle in Central was over. Tomorrow, the clean up begins but, for now, they rest.

It only took minutes for the sleep aids to kick in, but when they did she was out. One moment she was in a hospital bed next to the Colonel, the next she found herself in a familiar place. Well, somewhat familiar. The place looked like hell right now but it was definitely Balamb Garden.]

What the....? How in the hell did I get here again?

[Those who are close to her, or appear next to her, are more than welcome to explain at any moment now.]
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Oh! What did I do just now?

[You wouldn't think it was possible to make an accidental video post on these things, would you? Especially not when you'd actually taken the computer classes already, right? Well, Colette managed it, and she looks really surprised when she realises that she's being recorded.]

Can... can you all hear me? Is this like the BBS?


Um, hi. It's Colette.

[Wave wave.]

I kind of don't really know where we are right now. Everything is a bit... weird.

But, um, what do you call this thing? The one that copies you like a mirror? I always just wrote things and I don't know how...

[There's a few clicks, when suddenly the video stops.]
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[BBS/action] Headlines

[Among the murmurs of strange localized weather conditions around Garden and crying over vanished hotdogs, some of the SeeDs, staff, and older cadets are looking worried, their heads together in discussion and newspapers in their hands. Some people have left clippings of two different articles around Garden, and around lunchtime, native cadet Dominique Krefft (Mean Trepie #2) takes the liberty of typing them up and posting it on the BBS:]

President Loire Suffers Cardiac Arrest; Defense Minister Named Acting President

Esthar President Laguna Loire, hero of the Sorceress War and president of Esthar for forty years, suffered a heart attack which rendered him comatose yesterday, appointing Defense Minister Raguel Stern as acting president before collapsing.

The news came as a shock to government staffers, opposition leaders, and Esthar citizens alike, as despite his advancing age, President Loire has always been given a clean bill of health during annual examinations. Preliminary reports blame a heart attack brought on by the stress of a high-stakes political meeting between Loire and several political leaders known to oppose his pro-offworlder stance, including Stern, World First party leader Damokt Gold, and General Sierna Strom.

"Unfortunately, while negotiating with President Loire on certain key platform elements, he collapsed and began writhing," General Strom said at a press conference held in the president's manor, where she and the other leaders remained to ensure a smooth transition of power. "I regret that we all believed President Loire was simply being himself to avoid a serious discussion, which delayed our efforts to seek treatment for him until we realized his condition was serious." When questioned about her black eye and reports that she had been treated for injuries, General Strom replied that, "President Loire continued to thrash for the duration of the event, striking me several times as we attempted to restrain him to perform first aid."

According to the statement released by Acting President Stern, President Loire regained consciousness just long enough to name him as acting president, and state his own intent to retire, before collapsing. No hospital responded to queries seeking the location of President Loire and his current condition is unknown.

Esthar Declares War on Balamb Garden

The nation of Esthar has declared war on the independent state of Balamb Garden.

One of Acting President Raguel Stern's first acts as leader of Esthar was to formally sign a declaration of war, which specifically names Balamb Garden as "the enemy of the nation" and calls for its immediate surrender or destruction.

In a statement originally read on Esthar radio and consequently published in the Esthar Post, the government calls for its citizens to "take arms against the off-world Sorceresses and those brainwashed into standing by them".

It accuses Balamb Garden of plotting to take over the world in these times of chaos and appeals to the international community to condemn its support of off-worlders and use of child soldiers.

Despite the conciliatory nature of President Loire's government towards the SeeD forces, anti-off-worlder sentiment has risen in Esthar since Balamb Garden forcibly acquired Galbadia Garden from Sol Invictus two weeks ago. Vlas Colban, Estharian Special Envoy to Balamb, publically spoke out against Balamb Garden after his son, a cadet at the school, was killed in the battle. This current move came as no surprise to political watchers, as Stern, World First party leader Damokt Gold, and General Sierna Strom had been meeting with President Loire to advocate this position at the moment of President Loire's collapse.

Esthar has reactivated all of its defense mechanisms such as the cloaking device hiding the nation. Train services between Fisherman's Horizon and Esthar, which have been running thrice a week since July last year, have been stopped.

[Domi won't be replying, but feel free to discuss amongst yourselves on the post or in person.]

[Action] Watch where you step!

[Amidst all the chaos going on, the only one who seems right at home with it all is none other than Pinkie. She is acting as a crossing guard for a family of spoons in the cafeteria. One tablespoon and five little teaspoons all walking in line. How cute!

She sees some people approach from behind and blows her whistle at them.]

This is a no crossing zone! You have to wait for the green light!

DEMANDING! An Unexpected Return! [BBS]

Alright, Instructor Inverse here. I've got a vague idea of what's gone down while I was away - so what I wanna know is what former students of mine are still around, and are you guys alright?

...and I guess other folks I knew can check in too. Sue me, I show back up mid all hell breaking loose, I wonder about my students first.
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Many Happy Returns! A mingle log for reclaims!

[Balamb Garden is chaos!]

[Though the Headmaster has returned, Commander Zabala remains grievously injured, and thus the military side of Garden lurches about like a headless snake, not certain what exactly it ought to be doing. Trabia Garden has landed nearby and its faculty, students, and staff have come aboard to help repair the damage and tend to the injured, but this has only added to the chaos. In other words, Balamb Garden is a horrific flux of old and new people all swarming about, each in a hurry to do the thing they believe is necessary...]

[Worse, Time Compression flashes occasionally disrupt the efforts to repair, rebuild, and recuperate by driving them into complete chaos. The elevator somehow manages to go to the third floor after the first, but before the second, for an hour or two each day. A giant preying mantis has gotten into the empty Training Center. A small group of Trepies chases a walking plate of hot dogs down the lobby paths, trying to catch it before -- well, Hyne only knows what a walking plate of hot dogs is attempting to accomplish, but they probably have the right idea in trying to stop it.]

[Into all this chaos, a few extra people showing up might go entirely unnoticed...]

[OOC: This is an opening mingle for reclaims to show up and be noticed! If your reclaim has been processed, you are free to start posting here. You may also make your own posts in the comms if you wish, and you may assume that your character managed to get their laptop back if they wish to use the BBS.]