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Witches Reign NPCs ([personal profile] wrnpcs) wrote in [community profile] witchesreign2014-03-10 06:37 pm

Come Back With Your Shield, Or On It

[The call to attack doesn't come from an intercom chime or an alert siren. It can't, when the four assault platforms are spaced out miles and miles apart around the perimeter of Esthar. In fact, Laguna has ordered complete radio silence for the duration of the mission. Unpleasant as it might be, each team will be working independently, the better to keep each other from cluing the enemy in to each other's position...]

[...and a grim acknowledgment that some of them may not make it.]

[At 0847 hours exactly (because Laguna had picked an odd time on the premise that Esthar would be less likely to expect an attack at what sounds like a random number), each pilot is to engage the engines at advance at top speed towards Esthar City. The ultimate goal: Reach Odine Labs, and find any way possible to disable Esthar's control over Time Compression.]

[If there are any goodbyes to be said, now is too late. It's go time.]

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