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Rainbow Dash ([personal profile] elementofloyalty) wrote in [community profile] witchesreign2014-03-08 07:41 pm

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings [Action/Closed]

[Healed at last. Fully cleared to fight again! As Rainbow sits on her cloud-bed, running a hoof over the scar that marks her chest strongly enough to leave a line through her fur, she wonders if that's because she's actually well, or just because they want everypony available to fight.]

[Doesn't matter, though. She wouldn't miss this if she was on death's door! ...again. Fate of the world? That's old hat for her! It's everypony else she has to fight for that drives her on.]

[As she slides off the bed, she gives a pet to Tank's head, then paces over to the dresser. Maybe she ought to wear her uniform in the fight. Let them all know who she's fighting for?]

[...then again, they MIGHT just think she's a random monster and ignore her, if she doesn't.]

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