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Chika Daimon ([personal profile] scatterflower) wrote in [community profile] witchesreign2014-03-07 08:45 pm


Okay. So... I know this place has some really weird stuff going on sometimes. But I turn around for one second and it's apparently over a year later, Sol Invictus is taken care of, and now Esthar turns out to be evil? Am I up to speed on everything?

Apparently my sponsor is also giving me a Chocobo. I'm kinda surprised that they knew I'd be back for that. I think Piyomon might be a bit jealous about that part though, but he's cute and probably strong if we're supposed to be using them to fight. But does anyone know why we're getting them and barely getting any instruction on how to ride them? This doesn't seem like it'd really go all that well with some people.

Also, umm... for those who don't know me, hi. My name's Chika Daimon. I hope everything goes well if we end up in battle together.

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