Jan. 24th, 2014

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[Balamb Garden is built on the principles of defense. Galbadia Garden is built on the principles of speed. The latter has, historically, inevitably succeeded on its assaults on the former because of one simple principle: speed beats defense. As quickly as Galbadia can maneuver, it can intercept Balamb and overwhelm it, bypassing its defenses and forcing it to battle.]

[As the two Gardens career over the southern cliffs of Trabia, those tactically-minded people with a moment to breathe might wonder why this is. Why is one Garden explicitly superior to the other? Why does one have all the advantages in a battle between the two?]

[The answer is significantly less subtle than they might think.]

[Without warning, three supremely-massive shells slam into the imposing red form of Galbadia Garden from the north, punching through its outer armor and into its depths like a hot knife thrust into a chocolate-coated cake. Several seconds later, only faintly audible over the sound of catastrophic destruction from within the Garden, a rolling boom echoes over the cliffs as the sound of the gun discharge finally catch up with the shells. Speed beats defense, but defense beats offense, which defeats speed.]

[The reconstruction efforts had been kept a strict secret, hidden under the guise of maintenance and repairs for months now -- in anticipation of just this sort of need. Three 76" guns lower slightly to accommodate for the decreasing distance between themselves and their target, then blast out another salvo of lead at the enemy-occupied Galbadia. Trabia Garden breaks the northern horizon, cannons gleaming in the sunlight and trailing smoke as the newly-mobile assault platform advances forward.]

[The crippled Galbadia Garden slams into the ground violently, kicking up a massive wave of dirt, snow, and rock in all directions as it plows a long, deep furrow through the forests. Trees snap and shatter like toothpicks, while the ground shakes and trembles like it'll never stop. Balamb Garden, its engines overstressed and its inhabitants eager for payback, drops to the ground close by as Sol Invictus members pour out of the crimson fortress, their dominance having turned to desperation in that single moment. Trabia's advancement puts a clear time limit on their efforts: if they don't conquer Balamb Garden by the time Trabia's force can join the battle on the side of SeeD, Sol Invictus loses. They know it, and so help them, they will have Balamb or die trying. The snow on the ground's not about to help them, and neither are the monsters: Not only are Balamb Garden's monsters making a bid for freedom and attacking anyone on the way, but the area's monsters - Ochu, Blue Dragons, Gayla, Snow Lions, Mesmerizes, and Bite Bugs - are getting in on the action too, some outraged by the destruction of their homes, some simply attracted by the noise.]

[The Battle of 3 Gardens has entered its second phase.]

(ooc: Trabia Garden would like to battle! This takes place in the late afternoon / early evening of January 17th, an indeterminate amount of time after Sol Invictus intercepts Balamb Garden (though at least on the order of hours); with that in mind, you are encouraged to keep tagging both there and here.

New to this phase are certain special enemies with... interesting things available to Draw on top of the usual spells, at least to whoever gets there first. However, as before, you may NPC your own SI members instead. Let us know if your character decides to Draw from any other foes on the scene - the enemies we've initially listed are not the only ones on the battlefield with unusual Draw lists! Bear in mind that this is a difficult fight, and while Trabia has turned the tables on SI's pursuit of Balamb Garden the vehicle, its individual members are coming at everyone on it with no holds barred.

Other information on this endgame plot arc continues to be available at the OOC post, which has now been updated with details on B3G Phase 2.)


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