Jan. 9th, 2014

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 [Okay, so Wally's just been sitting around his room in stunned confusion... But now he's just bored out of his mind. You appear in a place, then they tell you you have to go to school? Okay, fine. At least that keeps you occupied. But schol not starting until the 20th? The fact it's only the 9th? The fact he's been sitting here wondering what's going on for 9 whole days?

Absolutely ludicrous. And not the red-light-district-beep-beep-woop-woop kind. It was time to, at the very least, ping the network.]


[Wally stops himself from his amazing opener there muttering a 'Wow, nice work,' to himself before sighing in anguish.]

I'm gonna be straight with you - I don't know what I'm saying or doing or even what the point of making this post is, aside from introducing myself maybe...? 

Ugh! Okay, yes. That's exactly the point. I'm Wally. I think I'm the last of you guys to get here to Balam, which is ironic consi--... Nevermind. I'm getting off point again. 

I've been doing a little research and I guess I kinda understand what's going on, checking out the backlogs and whatever so spare me the whole explanation thing - I'm already a little ticked off. Sure you could tell.

[Running a hand through the back of his hair and onto his face, he rubs at it as if trying to settle loose thoughts back into place in his brain.]

I'm rambling. I just... How did you guys cope with coming here? How did you jump into things? Thinking outloud in this video like this probably makes me seem like some cranky jerk, but all things aside, we all have our bad days, right?

[He attempts a little grin before the video cuts out.]
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Does anyone have any tips on tracking people? I've been hired on a missing person mission and I don't actually know much about finding people - the last time I had to find someone, I managed to come across them by accident, but I don't think that's going to work this time.

- Mikuru

[Those on the third floor might come across Mikuru, stalking about with a notebook she occasionally refers to, or poking around the headmaster's office with plastic gloves on...]


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