Jan. 6th, 2014

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[At 0800 Monday morning, the intercom chime signals an announcement.]

This is Commander Zabala. All SeeDs and cadets, at attention.

As of this moment, Balamb Garden is mobilizing. Until further notice, we will be conducting evasive maneuvers to avoid interception by Galbadia Garden, which has departed under the command of Sol Invictus on a direct heading for our location as of minutes ago.

Garden will be raised to a full state of readiness and all SeeDs and cadets will be expected to do their part. Shift orders and assignments have been prepared and will be distributed to you over the course of the day.

I must emphasize to you the importance of these preparations. Balamb Garden is designed for defensibility, while Galbadia Garden is designed for speed. If we are located, they will close with us and engage us, and we will have no choice but to fight. At this point, that seems inevitable. We are buying ourselves time to prepare.

The airshops will remain available for transportation, subject to scheduling and proper evasive protocols.

That is all.

[As the announcement ends, Garden vibrates with a low hum as it lifts off of its base and begins to move. A minute later, a transcription of the announcement appears on the BBS. Commander Zabala may not necessarily respond.]


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