Sep. 22nd, 2011

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Sep. 22nd, 2011 06:30 am
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I've been thinking lately; there's a lot of different worlds out there, aren't there? With a lot of different animals! I imagine there's so many different kinds, and definitely more than I could teach about here.

Oh, but you know, I was wondering- what's everyone's favorite animal? I really like bunnies, myself!

-- Shurelia

[Shurelia, just admit you wanted to talk about rabbits instead of trying to turn it into a conversation about animals...]


[Sometime later in the day, Shurelia can be found in Fisherman's Horizon, looking... lost. Somewhere between the Inn she was staying at with everyone else, and Garden, she'd managed to lose her way.

Yeah, maybe she should stop relying on a faulty internal GPS.]

Which way was it again...?
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It's been quite awhile, Garden. This time, I pose a new question to you: why is it you treasure peace so much and yet willingly forego negotiation without a thought unless it could benefit you in the long run? Do you humans believe your own ideals so superior that you must battle to prove so?

If you were to think about it, if humans weren't such a barbaric species, perhaps you wouldn't be preyed upon by my kind.

[As always, it's left unsigned. And yes, he realizes the irony of asking this in a military academy.]
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[If you were to enter the lunchroom , you would see the regular crowds and such. People eating. People talking. Yadda Yadda. However , you may notice that the social butterfly named Selphie Tilmitt is at a table...alone. Not that she seems to mind. On the contrary , Selphie is grinning like there is no tomorrow while she chews on the end of a blue glitter glue pen. There are stacks and piles of paper and blank posters covering that table. It is very obvious that Miss Tilmitt is up to something.

If you happen to approach her, she will nearly climb on the table , hiding her papers. She isn't ready for anyone to know.
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[A little ways inside the front gate, something strange is going on. There is an elf sitting up against the edge of the path. For those who know him, he has back the markings that vanished during the time when everyone's powers got mixed up. But that's not what's strange. What's strange is that he is not lurking and brooding, or cleaning up and brooding, or serving hot dogs and brooding (he does a lot of different things around here, and also he broods).

Instead, he is staring with a deeply quizzical expression at the five Triple Triad cards spread out in front of him. Every so often he picks one up, turns it over repeatedly in his hands, then puts it back down.

He doesn't get it.]
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[It's... odd. You really don't realise just how much you'll miss something until it's gone, and Raven has spent the last month feeling... well, empty. Her monster form, much as she disliked it, left quite a hole when suddenly she couldn't use it anymore. After all, it was part of her.

Now that it was back, she was going to do something she very rarely did: enjoy being half monster.

And so, through the day, a large multicoloured phoenix could be seen flying close to the Garden. Occasionally it would stop to rest, and occasionally it would disappear as Raven returned to her human form as far out of sight as she could, but it remained close to Garden.

She couldn't have done this at home.


Sep. 22nd, 2011 11:19 pm
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[ Cloud had decided to get up early and spend a few hours with his blades, making sure that they were in shape after the whole 'sucked into another world' thing. Once cleaned, sharpened, and polished he took the Fusion Swords outside of the Garden for practice. Sure he could have gone to the Training Center, but he had found the ceiling was just a little too close for comfort, especially when he jumped. He needed space and he needed to work off all the tension of ended up in this strange place, where even the air tasted different than what he knew.

So there he was in the field, the First Ken in hand while the five other swords formed a circle around him, going through the very simple step-slash-block-return moves of a basic kata. The air was fresh and cool, feeling good against his bare arms, and he could taste the nearby sea when the wind blew off of it. He closed his eyes, letting his feet and arms carry him around the circle.

So absorbed in his practice, he really wouldn't notice anything around him, even if it was a Sephiroth appearing in a pink apron talking about peace and harmony. ]


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