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How do you get rid of animals?

[Today you will find Squall sitting outside in the Quad. Why? It might have something to do with the crowd of animals gathering around him. Birds, deer, mice, cockroaches, there's even a few grats from the Training Center. None of them seem violent, pressing in around Squall like a cat looking for a good pet. Speaking of which all those illegal cats in B-Garden? Yeah you might see a few of those too.

Squall looks like he's reaching his limit though. Standing up he slashes his arm through the air.]


[...Nothing happens. In fact the animals press in closer. Sitting back down on a bench he just puts his head in his hands. What'd he do to deserve this...]

((ooc: For the super power event Squall's power is animal magnetism. Good luck dragging those cats away.))
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[Today? Espio is pissed.

His favourite five vegetables are missing. You have no idea how important those vegetables are! They are... they are... his favourites!! And by the looks of it, someone has stolen and/or eaten them! Invaded his room and stolen his turnips!

(And no, he hasn't checked whether or not they rolled under something.)

So now he's stomping around Garden, occasionally into FH, with the most horrendous mood possible, hoping to find the culprit but not expecting to. That won't stop him from making random accusations.

Oh, and to make matter worse, he still hasn't quite got the hand of this random pyrokinesis he's been saddled with. The flames that occasionally flicker around him are pissing him off too.

He should probably go chill out.


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[She'd read the note a few times by now, but it still didn't make an entire lot of sense. Ultimecia was supposed to be gone, right? So why did the note mention Time Compression, among other things? It was a little odd to be hearing about all of this happening again, really, but, well...

Well, the letter had also said to talk to Cid or a SeeD if she had any questions, so she'd do that later. For now, though, Ellone is content with walking around Fisherman's Horizon, to see what's changed.]
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[It might not have been so apparent, but people might start noticing that Rinoa hasn't shown her face in a while. Truth is she's hiding out in her room with no intention of leaving it anytime soon. After a while she thinks to put up a BBS post to cover all her bases.]

I'm not going to be able to attend class for a while. So if someone could take notes for me I'd really appreciate it.

Marco, if you see this, could you stop by my room? We need to talk.

[She's skipping classes so soon to finals, nuts huh? That's totally a good example for a soon-to-be SeeD to set isn't it? Though honestly she figures it's unavoidable considering the rather large pair of wings currently gracing her back. After all she knows they've always shown up when she's tapped into her sorceress powers before now. So frankly she just thinks Marco was right about what would happen if she ignored her powers for too long.]

[Anyone is free to stop by her room either to check up on her or bring her school related things if they want. She's currently sitting on her bed, trying desperately to keep her wingspan from knocking things over. Turns out they're sensitive to the touch so hitting things actually hurts.]
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Everyone ready for finals? Who's still studying, and who's ready to go?

T. Drake

Option A: Cafeteria

[Tim was out of his room early; he wanted to get in some time to get some food and maybe go train before finals happened. After the carnival had happened he'd done the hermit thing that was common for him, staying in his room for awhile and making copious amounts of notes that needed to be done. Notes about people he'd met in this place, notes about classes, notes about the school.

A lot of notes and the profiles on his computer were always expanding, always being added to. Of course, it didn't help that he'd somehow gotten a cold during all of this. When Tim was sick, he didn't want to do much; luckily he didn't get sick a lot. Luckily. But having a cold here, where he didn't need to patrol or do much of anything, just put him down for a week and a half.

And while everyone else was dealing with powers, he still felt the same. It was almost nice, not to have anything crazy happen to him for awhile. He got in line for breakfast with everyone else, ready to pile on the food. Having an appetite after not having one was nice, too.]

Option B: Fisherman's Horizon

[After finals, and taking all the tests that he needed to, Tim was out to explore this new place. He'd been out there once, checking things out, but that had been just a cursory glance. This one was now an in depth look, and he was checking everything out. It was a pretty nice day out as well, all things considered.

And well. Being out and about after tests was always the bonus to taking them.]
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Option 1 - Training Center:
[Ever since his embarrassing defeat to a woman, Joe had taken it upon himself to visit the Training Center daily. He would stay there for hours on end-- from the time the school opened for classes, and until night fell upon the Garden, only stopping to take a break for lunch or dinner. To say that he was obsessed with winning was an understatement. There really was no other option besides winning.

Today, he's there again, fighting through grats and meeting the occasional T-Rexaur. Actually, the monsters are beginning to get too easy for him-- though it still takes a little while to defeat a T-Rexaur. He's also getting used to dual-wielding his sabre and a gunblade, though he still tends to prefer using his sabre rather than the gunblade.

It's really no different seeing him fight today, but as he makes his way to yet another area, something happens. As he leaps to attack a monster, he doesn't exactly make it back to the ground. Instead, he stays floating in the air, and in a little bit of shock.

He knew he didn't transform, so it wasn't like he could blame it on one of them. He was just... him.

And he was floating in mid-air.

Oh, and look. There comes that T-Rexaur he was fighting just at minute ago, charging at him. A little help would be great right about now, since he really doesn't know what was going on, or how to control this power of his.]


Option 2 - Secret Area:
[Spending so much time in the Training Center recently, Joe had randomly stumbled upon the Secret Area. It was strangely peaceful, and there didn't seem to be anyone there tonight. After the random... mishap... in the Training Center earlier, he was a little spooked, to be honest.

He sat along the stone railing that overlooked the Garden, his legs dangling over the edge. It would be a lie to say he wasn't thinking of jumping right off the thing to see if he could float again... but then again, that would be a stupid idea if he didn't, and he really didn't fancy dying.

Pulling out his Mobirate and Ranger Key, he had an idea. Maybe transforming into his Jetman counterpart could help him out. So if he did fall, he'd still be able to catch himself before he actually hit the ground. Maybe it would work.]


[ooc; Right so Joe has unwillingly found himself with the power to levitate/fly for the Superpower Event! Though, he hasn't quite figured out the flying part yet. :\]


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