Aug. 17th, 2011

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[After a few days of being stuck in this world, Joe hadn't found much out other than what was obvious. For the most part, he and Marvelous dug up the same information, which wasn't much to go on anyway. What was clear was that they were in a school, and a military school at that. Authority, structure... neither he nor Marvelous did well with that. It was too boring... lacked excitement. And rules... they were meant to be broken by their standards.

At least the 6am wake-up call didn't bother him.

He was up and ready before the early-morning wake-up call, but he wasn't going to any classes. Of course not. Why would he? It's not like he wanted to be here, anyway. The idea of joining military again made him uncomfortable. The last time...

Well, that was then. He was a pirate now.

And he wasn't about to quit training to stay at the top of his game. So as soon as he was ready that morning, he made his way just at the edge of Fisherman's Horizon to a clearing, one that he hoped would be private. And with Marvelous' sabre. If he needed it back, he'd come find him.

With a clear head, he began to

ooc; You really only have to watch the first 30 seconds of that.]
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Say it's your friend's birthday tonight. How would you celebrate it? Personally, I'd head down to the bar pub restaurant and treat him to a good dinner, but I'm curious as to what you guys think. Sometimes the same old gets a little boring, so... what do you guys do to shake things up?

Just keep your suggestions PG-13. I'm pretty sure kids're still reading this thing, even if they're not very vocal about it.

- Instructor Tom Bronson

[As par for the course, Tom's hanging out in front of the local bar tonight. One has to wonder if he'll actually get kicked out for loitering around one of these days... Tom certainly remembers the days of hanging around the bars and getting treated as some suspicious creep just because he didn't actually go in for a long period of time.

He gives someone the Look before continuing to wait outside. Leaning against the wall, he folds his arms and stares up at the night sky. It's a lot prettier here in Fisherman's Horizon - and he can actually see the stars a lot better than back home - and for a moment, it takes his breath away.

... Right, he's waiting for someone. It'd probably be better to look ahead than up, but Tom doesn't seem concerned with that at the moment. If someone's looking for him, they'll know where to find him.]

[ooc | backdated to the 16th because I can't get things up on time. ;~; As usual, strikes're backspaced.]
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ATTN: students in SPC 101 and ROC 101

I apologize, but I must absent myself from class for the next few days due to illness. A subsitute professor will be provided, and in the case of SPC 101, this will not affect your upcoming finals. Any questions concerning the material covered so far should be forwarded to the substitute, and if not, posted here or slipped under my office door to be reviewed as soon as I am able.

- Instructor Elika


[ Elika is laid up in her room, skin ash-gray from the pain that she's been carrying for a few days now. It flickers on and off, in increasingly powerful bursts. At first she grit her teeth and managed, but it's become so unbearable lately she's been forced to take leave.

What's worse is that no one in the infirmary could see signs of anything wrong: no redness, no welts or swelling, nothing strange in the blood or skin, no change in diet or exercise. Eventually, forced to admit they couldn't find a cause, they sent her back to her room with orders to rest.

The pain is strongest in the throat and chest, but it snakes all the way to her arms and even her feet. She would normally use her magic to dull the pain, but her powers seem weakened by the illness. Seems all she's got left to do is bear it until it passes. Come visit her with well-wishes? ]
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[Vriska woke up this morning with Good Feelings and in a better mood than she had been in for the past few days. She had a feeling it was going to be a good day today. Really.

Even if both of her bright orange horns atop her head are suddenly missing. It's just something she has yet to notice. Her fangs also feel a little smaller this morning, but she doesn't pay it much attention for now. Instead she is passing through the cafeteria for something to eat, still in her blissfully ignorant good mood. It can only last so long at this point.]

[ooc; those that know her feel free to ponder her new loss. she still has her gray skin and yellow eyes, just no candy-colored horns (for now). and thus begins the start of her budding superpower.]
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[Equius felt a little off all day. There was just some minor detail about his day that was just a bit irregular, but no matter how hard he puzzled, he just couldn't quite put his finger on it. It was confounding, but if he couldn't figure it out, it must not have been too important, right?]

[Perhaps he just needed to eat something.]

[Depositing his things at a table (gosh, he hadn't realized how heavy all those books were until he wasn't carrying them anymore), he got in line and filled his tray with as much food and as many milk cartons as it could hold, as per usual, then sat back down at the table. It wasn't until he was half-way finished that it hit him.]

[He was getting full. He'd gone through three milk cartons without crushing a single one. His silverware was completely intact. Doors hadn't slammed behind him all day. He'd only broken one or two pencils, as opposed to two per class. His books were heavy.]

[His STRENGTH was gone.]

[And he wasn't near as sweaty as he felt he should be for coming to such a startling realization]

[He's just going to stare blankly at his food and try not to panic now]


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