Feb. 7th, 2011

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While I do not celebrate Valentines' Day personally, the sentiment behind it is pleasant enough.

That being said, I have decided to offer a special seminar on calligraphy on Saturday afternoon. I am proficient at it, and there is something to be said for its simple elegance. For those who have decided not to give chocolates but wish to give something to their love interests and peers, a carefully handcrafted gift does have a certain personal touch.

Staff and students are welcome. I will provide the appropriate paper, ink and brushes.

-Instructor Kuchiki
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Now what is all this about?

[Applejack is in the Quad, leaning up against a tree and squinting at that letter she got, holding it at a distance as though it'll start making more sense that way.]

Well, would you look at that - darned thing's telling me all about time compression! Like I coulda missed hearin' all about that. And since when has Galbadia been on another world?

I know how I got here, and it ain't nothin' to do with no fancy time compression. Just good ol' fashioned public transport!
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[In the entrance to the Training center stands a SeeD with a clipboard and a whistle. Once she sees that the participants have gathered, she begins to speak.]

Welcome to the last event of the Sponsorship Games! Today's event is our most anticipated one; the Capture the Flag game, which will take place within the Training Center. Here is how the game will work.

Participants have been divided into two teams, and each team will receive three flags; one which will be located at each teams' forts, and the other two placed within areas near the fort at random posts. The mission of the game is to capture all three flags of the opposing team within getting caught and tagged. Once a player has been physically tagged by someone else from the other team, then the tagged player will be taken out of the game. In this game, anything goes! That means para-magic will be allowed, but there will be no knock-outs or else the team will be disqualified. However, tagging must only be done physically.

The monsters in the TC have not been cleared out, so there are additional obstacles to overcome in combination with trying to get pass the other team to obtain their flags. Once the opposite team's tag has been taken to the fort, the obtainer of the flag then must also return back to their team's own fort with the flag without getting caught. Getting tagged with the team flag will return the flag back to the other team's fort.

The team with the most flags in an hours' time will be the victor of the game!

The teams have been divided as follows:

Team 1:

Team 2

Once I blow the whistle, everyone will be given five minutes to take their places. The whistle which follows will indicate the start of the game. Remember, you have one hour to try and obtain as many flags as possible. Good luck!

[The SeeD blows the whistle, and the doors to the Training Center open up to indicate the start of the event.]

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[There seems to be a new face in Garden today, and it's a teenager. Well, he looks like a teenager anyway.

He's got an issue of the latest newsletter in one hand, and a SeeD jacket in the other. Ooh, must be important.]

Hah, some things never change.

[Short pause.] I don't think I was here for the last Valentine's day though... [He's putting on a thoughtful look now, totally unaware that he's been talking to himself.

But he shakes his head and smiles to himself, stretching as much as he can with his load.]

It's great to be back!


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