Nov. 13th, 2010

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Characters: Silver & Anyone/everyone!
Location: The School's entrance
Rating: E10+ :D
Open/Closed/Finished: Open~
Summary: Arriving and all that jazz.

Feeling Displaced. )
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So um...

I'm Chris Ramirez and I guess I'm new here. I've got the letter but I still have a few questions about how I got here. And has anyone by the names of Kit Taylor, Maya Young, or Len, shown up on the Garden grounds? It seems I arrived a little late in the quarter, so I won't be in classes until after the finals. And here I thought I was done with school.
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[Robin had been patrolling the Garden for weeks without being caught. In his overconfidence, he's allowed himself to get lax. This is probably why at 1 AM, the superhero's casually standing on the edge of a rooftop as he watches faculty, would-be rebel Cadets, and whoever happens to be out at this hour go about their business.

Those with exceptionally good vision can especially notice his yellow and black cape billowing in the wind. Robin shivers, but continues to walk the edge of the rooftop. Is he contemplating suicide? Maybe even a rush of adrenaline? Who knows.

What is obvious, though, is that a Cadet is out way past curfew... and if he keeps up his obvious behavior, he's gonna get caught.]


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