Sep. 22nd, 2010

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[Most of Rinoa's classes weren't so bad. Most of them her time traveling with SeeD had prepared her for and the others seem to just need  a bunch of studying. Thankfully she didn't mind pouring over books so that wasn't too big of a hardship. There was though one class that continued to be a struggle to adjust to, but it was the one she was currently the most determined to pass.]

Alright. Just like in class. I can do this.

[Eying the sword she holds in her hands with an exasperated look, Rinoa straightens her shoulders before looking around the training center rather reluctantly. It was probably pretty telling just how her skill level was if the teacher had agreed that getting some practice outside of class was probably for the best.

Still, she was more determined than ever to figure out just how to properly use a sword and then a gunblade. Little details like the fact that she just didn't seem to have the ability naturally wasn't 't going to stand in her way.

Spying a Grat some distance away, she lets out the breath she was holding before charging in blade flashing as she goes on the offensive.

Rinoa may or may not have some trouble, so anyone nearby should feel more than welcome to help, watch, or even offer her advice on just what she's doing wrong.]
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[Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Why the hell did it have to be a school of all things? She could handle kidnapping by a drug lord. OK. She could best a child kidnapping attempt. Easy. But of all things...she's taken to this school? That she now has to attend? Oh yea. This is just going to go by wonderfully.

Right now, she's unhappily sulking in the Quad, the Course Catalog beside her, untouched.
]  Why of all had to be a school?


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