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Case o6 [Action, Front Gates]

[Ever since classes resumed, Damian'd kept a low profile. He "barely passed" his fighting courses from last quarter, so he figured he should probably step up his game and figure out how to fail-without-actually-failing.

This was significantly harder than it looked: on one hand, he couldn't look like an absolute moron. Luki'd been giving him "lessons" and he'd passed the required courses with "some difficulty." But he couldn't look like a trained vigilante either; then people'd connect the dots between him and Robin. If Mr. Wayne'd taught him anything, it was to be an idiot whenever possible. Robin mattered more than Damian Razem. (Not that he believed it! But why jeopardize the mission?)

Except right now, there was a "fire." Damian'd admittedly been late getting to class - stupid Garden and its primitive tech! He'd somehow managed to trip over something in the meantime! - but he too had been coerced to walk to the front gates. As he leaned against a wall, Damian folded his arms and watched the chaos around him.]

Slag... five creds it's a drill. [SIGH. Of all the things he didn't miss about school, fire drills'd been pretty high on that list.]

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