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Mikuru Asahina ยท Miracle Mikuru ([personal profile] bunnypassingby) wrote in [community profile] witchesreign2011-01-12 08:50 pm

(second miracle) Wednesday: BBS + cafeteria, lunchtime

if anyone would like some free cookies, i'll have a table in the cafeteria at lunchtime today. i learned how to make them in home economics and it's the first thing in the kitchen i've been good at making since i left home, so i started making them in my free time too and now i have too many to eat on my own.


[Mikuru not only has a table, but a sign in front of it. "FREE COOKIES, have as many as you want" is meticulously hand lettered; apparently this is what she is putting her remedial English lessons to use on. There are also cutesy pictures of a flower and a happy cookie. Hey, it worked in her last job.

[The cookies are mostly circular, though there are a few that seem to have gone wrong. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodles; they're separated out and piled on labelled plates. And there are loads of them.

[Mikuru herself, meanwhile, sits behind the table in her cadet uniform, nibbling on a sammich and frowning at a small note instead of the criminal justice textbook open on the table.]

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